Nov. 6th, 2011 04:26 am
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So I never post here about my actual life despite this being my journal, and all. So bscly I have gotten through (I don't want to say "over" because that trivializes it for me and for everyone else who suffers) whatever bout of depression I had had for about a month there. (seriously, it was so awful.) But I feel mostly normal now! Except now I have a month of laziness to pick up after. My room looks like a warzone and I still don't really feel up to it :(

I have four Monster High dolls now: Draculaura and Frankie, plus the Gloom Beach version of Clawdeen, which is cheaper and comes with less but is still really worth it, and the basic Ghoulia, who is PERFECT. Like all nerdy girls want to believe they're Ghoulia. She wears awesome glasses and has awesome hair and wears a piano key belt and a shirt with cherries and a cute necklace and fishnet arm warmers and has knee-hight black, white, and red converse sneakers that, by the way, are like 6 inch heels. And pink zipper-pull earrings. And a diary with a bonus bookmark! eeeeeee. Clawdeen's 80s-looking rainbow cheetah print bathingsuit is a one-piece with a shorts-looking bottom with a cute (sadly attached) belt, and a removable also 80s-looking pink and black striped top. She has 4 earrings: pink, purple, blue, and green. And her hair is streaked with purple! Therefore she is cooler than the other Clawdeen I thought I wanted. Her hair is so frizzy I had to put it in pigtails with elastic bands from her packaging but that's okay. She also came with sunglasses, a frisbee, and a postcard. Oh, and shoes, too, and a brush and a stand, because Monster High dolls come with everything they need. Ghoulia has a stand and brush too, and also a purse that looks like a cassette tape, and her little owl named Sir Hoots-a-Lot who clips on her arm. Oh and did I mention Ghoulia has sparkly eyeshadow like Draculaura? They could have totally skimped on her eye makeup because of her giant glasses, but nope.

We went to Toys R Us last week and I spotted a single Ghoulia behind all the other dolls. Then Boyfriend confessed he'd already ordered one, so being the kind and benevolent person I am, I tucked her back in the back, where I'm pretty sure someone had deliberately hidden her. I hope whoever it was went back and found her! So that night I got the only Clawdeen they had. Then this weekend I got my Ghoulia! So now I have four and I think that's plenty, for now. I put Clawdeen in a pair of Barbie jeans that are super old over her bathing suit, because it's cold! She looks kind of 90s with her little belly shirt and giant baggy jeans.

I Ghoulia and Clawdeen the little bracelets I'd made for them forever ago so now all four of them have matching friendship bracelets. ...yeah, in my spare time I make doll bracelets. This is my life.

Anyway, I also tasted lobster and cried, but I ate a whole shrimp without gagging!

I've been taking a multivitamin (with hair supplement) for a few months now, and also started taking extra (completely safe, don't worry) hair supplement. The result has been my eyelashes are growing like weeds. I know I've mentioned it before, but now even my bottom lashes are getting into it and there's a definite noticable change in how they look without any makeup. This is important news, okay. Better I talk about this than depressing things, right? Also my bangs are getting longer. Which isn't a surprise, because hair does grow, but still, I'm happy. I really hate my bangs :(

I forget if I even mentioned this but my grandmother tripped and broke her foot. She's getting all gloom and doom like ~this is the beginning of the end~ but really, she didn't lose her balance because she's old or got dizzy or fainted or anything, she just tripped. She's being stubborn and not really letting her foot heal properly, but I hope she does soon because diabetics can lose their feet if they aren't careful.

anyways have I mentioned here that Boyfriend makes me play Magic with him? (and I like it?) I should document that in case future Ivy comes to read about her life. (hi, self! HAVE YOU HAD BABIES YET?)

I still collect Hello Kitty stuff too but they don't have any in the Target dollar section so my collecting has dwindled. Which is just as well because I don't need to hoard any more. I did get a tiny package of stickers from the cards/games section at Walmart though (Boyfriend was buying moar magic!11).

oh! Walmart had their Halloween costumes on sale so I got a Draculaura outfit. It fits because I'm short. I'd worried that I'd be too fat, but it fits! So now I have a costume for next year, assuming I can find pink boots by then. Heh.

oh, one last thing, I hope I get one of those cheap mini Lalaloopsy dolls for my birthday. HAPPY BIRTH MONTH TO ME~~ because as you all know I'm obnoxious about my birthday and I celebrate the whole month because I am obnoxious.


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Nov. 29th, 2009 12:29 am
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So my birthday was Tuesday. It was fine. My mother was sick from the painkillers and couldn't come out with me :( So I just had Chili's with my father and boyfriend.

Thanksgiving was also fine. No mama again, but other family and since I have a cool family, it was all good.

I got an expensive ring (eeeek) and some clothes from my parents, and nail polish and The Sims 2 from my boyfriend. It is the most boring game EVER and at the same time THE GREATEST THING IN LIFE. Seriously, it's so weird. I already found out how to cheat and give them lots of money because I'm tired of the tiny houses they live in and one of them wants a stereo and I needed moneyz for that, so I cheated. I've only played two days in a row though. Will work more on them tonight. I also discovered that you can make rainbows go all over the place, so the neighborhood (I moved them the hell out of the stupid game-created neighborhoods full of dumbass annoying sims) is very colorful. Tonight I move them to their new big houses and hopefully they don't lose their jobs again. And I'll buy them loads of cool stuff too.

Aaaand... that's about it.

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Bad day

Aug. 19th, 2008 02:02 am
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Today is not a good day. My grandmother's bird (who is 28) may be dying, and I've lost one of my very favorite pendants (the fake bottlecap with the gold glitter and yellow flower, in case you might remember it.)
I'm in denial about Aldo, but I AM SO FREAKING PISSED ABOUT MY PENDANT. If I don't find it, BITCHES WILL BE CUT. AND WE'RE HAVING A HURRICANE TOMORROW SO IF IT'S OUTSIDE IT'LL BE GONE FOREVER @#($&(@#&$()!@$&Z(@!)))))))$$&*Z*@#$Z&$*@#^$&*@#^&$^@#7846z782364z78^$Z&@#^Z!Z

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Dec. 25th, 2007 12:46 pm
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Just to keep you updated, yes, I did get socks for Christmas, and I'm thrilled to bits. :)
Obligatory Gift List )

Merry Christmas!
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Jun. 22nd, 2007 09:17 pm
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I am so lucky, though, because I happened to look in the sink and saw a little blue dot, and I looked at my ring and there was a HOLE IN IT. So I managed to get the tiny thing out and now I have the tiniest blue diamond ever stuck on a piece of tape. But the considering the style of the ring, I don't know if they can stick it back in. I got this ring for Christmas and it's one of my favorite rings EVER and I wear it every day, even to sleep. I don't know what I'm going to do if they can't fix it. I'm terrified to wear any of my gemstone rings now, so all I'm wearing is my rose gold 18th birthday ring because it's only gold and no gemstones. My ruby 16th birthday ring's already missing one of its diamond chips, but somehow that doesn't seem like so much of a complete disaster.

I'll hold off on mourning until I can get to a jeweler and know for sure it's doomed.

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(The subject title was originally Sup Folks, but I changed it to the much more appropriate title you see now.)
Anyway, I didn't get anything noteworthy for Christmas (just clothes) probably because I'm too old to get money from people now. But I did get an electric blanket, and although it scared me at first (I'm deathly afraid of all sources of artificial heat, like toasters, ovens, and hair dryers) I'm not sure how I ever lived without it. Yeah, I have been talking about how it's been hot out lately, but it's gotten a bit cooler and I'm generally always cold anyway. It's funny, I get a lot of "warm" things for Christmasses even though we live in Florida. Probably because the rest of the year I'm complaining I'm cold. I only wish it was portable, because I'd never leave the house without it if it was.

Today we went to the mall, and in the dollar store (it's not one of those chain dollar stores, so you're more likely to find off-brand stuff or crazy Chinese crap there) there was this little set of mismatched "jewelry"... and on the crappy mirror was SAILOR MOON herself. Not really Sailor Moon- more like crappy Chinese Sailor Moon. But it was a Sailor Moon product, official or not, and I had to have it.
This isn't the first time that store has had Sailor Moon stuff. They had (official) 2-inch figures once. I got Sailor Mars and Molly (they were American). I have no idea how they ended up with them five years after the Irwin toy company went bankrupt and then came back as a game manufaturer.
Then there's the random Chinese Eternal Sailor Moon clock I got in Chinatown (by the way, wtf is it with all of this Chinese Sailor Moon lately? Sailor Moon is JAPANESE!) that has some random Asian song that plays when the alarm goes off (I saw one like it online except that one supposedly plays the SM theme song.) I'm not entirely sure the clock was an official product, either.

Speaking of random Asianness, this dollar store also sells gift bags.
The bag I bought (because I pretty much HAD to) is bright sky blue with random blue bubbles and white flowers, and some diamond shapes that look like those things people use to make something look "twinkly", a very very oddly shaped watermelon (it looks like a U) and some green apples, one of which is cut open and looks like a pig snout. On top of the bag, in big letters, it says Fresh Fruits. Okay. That's... weird, but not enough to but it into the "special" category.
Underneath the Fresh Fruits declaration (which is designed so it looks like the words are moving...) the next line says:
I wish that you could know how much I Love you.
That's really sweet, right? I mean, totally random when it comes to the weird-shaped fruit theme, but sweet all the same. Yes, Love is capitalized on the bag.
The next line says, exactly as I type it,
My heart would best for ou You've filled my life for me.

That's... I mean, maybe it... I... what?
It's really sturdy, considering it's a gift bag. It's made of vinyl/plastic and heck, I might just use it as some kind of crazy purse. Or hang it on my wall, I might do that.
Now, I've read online that English is really popular for use as decorations on stuff in Asia. Most people in these countries don't know, nor do they care, what the English says. They probably recognize a few words, like "love" maybe, and that's it. And no, I'm not insulting them: consider how many people in America buy shirts, jewelry, and even tattoos with random Asian writing (because face it, many Westerners can't tell the difference between the Asian languages) and they have no idea what the heck it says. I mean, sure the package says "luck" or "evil", but how can you be entirely sure they're not lying? Or that the package wasn't created by someone who doesn't know?

Anyway, I have cartoons to watch.
Peace homiez.
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ETA: I just realized, it doesn't say Love. It says "Loue". Man, it just keeps getting better and better.


Nov. 30th, 2006 08:38 pm
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Well, now I own blue diamonds. Tiny, tiny, tiny blue diamonds, but they're blue diamonds all the same. And some other stuff came today too. I <3 jtv. (Right now everything's super super super cheap- the blue diamonds were 19.99 and there's free standard shipping.)

I sound kind of like they're paying me, heh.

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Sterling silver and blue diamond ring: 19.99 (prettier than it looks in the picture)

Eight freshwater pearl bracelets plus genuine gemstone beads: 16.98

Sterling silver and dichroic glass pendant: 14.98

Set of 10 assorted pure gemstone rings: 9.98

15 carats of gemstones plus semi-precious bonus stones (still not sure what I'm going to do with these): 19.98

kbye. :)
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I got this today:


It's a lot prettier- and bigger- in real life.

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Nov. 14th, 2006 11:47 pm
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In exactly 10 days, I will be 19 years old.
It would have been a lot cooler to have been born on Halloween rather than around Thanksgiving (last year my birthday was actually ON Thanksgiving), but I'll take whatever holiday I can get.

I bought beads today so I can start making bracelets for people's Christmas presents (or for myself, hmm.)
I also bought a new container for my bangles. I have this three-drawered container I've been keeping my bracelets in, but my bangles outgrew the top drawer, so it fell out and I just kind of left it there. And the box I'd been keeping my beaded necklaces in also became too small for my necklace population (I know I have a problem, shut up :P) so I put the necklaces in the bangle drawer and the bangles in the new container. Now I have room for new ones, and that makes me happy.

Also, I lost weight (although it's probably just the fact that I've been using an old bathroom scale and the scale at Publix {The best grocery chain IN THE WORLD} and have been thinking I'm about five pounds more than I actually am.)
But Andrea has been asking me to make her a bracelet for MONTHS so I finally bought beads for an Andrea-specific bracelet I might make tonight. It's an odd combination: dusty rose pink hearts with antique-looking flowers on them and white shell beads. I can't help it; both seemed like they'd go well with her personality and they'll probably go well with multiple outfits, so we'll see how that turns out. I know shells and antique hearts don't seem like they'll make a harmonious bracelet, but oh well. :)

That's all I have to say today; goodnight.
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May. 17th, 2006 05:33 pm
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Despite the fact that I went to the mall and bought jewelry and am seeing my boyfriend soon and did not have to go to school, TODAY IS ONE OF THE WORST DAYS EVER.
I'll explain later. :(
Hint: Look for sad news on the MSN homepage.
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I turned 18 on Thanksgiving, as you all know.
My family is kind of weird. We're not holiday people- we never really celebrate holidays in any kind of ultra-special fashion. Unlike many people I've heard of, my parents would never think of kicking me out of my room to accomodate some random family member they don't even like. And my grandparents just kind of hate everyone. And also, my father works on every major holiday except Christmas Eve (he works Christmas day, though.) That's why holidays are very quiet, nothing-special affairs. Thanksgiving is possibly the least well-celebrated of the celebratory holidays, because my family resents the big fuss people make over how much food will be served. In my family, dinner often consists of a whole chicken with all of the trimmings. I mean, why not? Unlike many families, my family prefers real food over processed stuff, at least for dinner. This Thanksgiving was more eventful than usual because it was my birthday (I get my birthday off from school a lot because of the days it tends to fall on) and it was a nice affair. Birthday stuff )
And then we went to Cypress Gardens. )
But what you really care about are the presents! )

Time for more patheticness:
The last couple of days were truly the best days of my life. I can't imagine my life without him... it would be so empty. VERY empty. What would I do? Become an emo kid, I guess. I'm not obsessed with him, or needy, or clingy; just very much in love.
I'll stop now before people throw up or something. :)

Also, I tried to make some fudge recipe, but it... didn't work, lol.
I'll try again when I have the right ingredients. :)
Sparkle at yo homegirl! (That means TALK TO ME, in case you don't speak IvyBGreenflowerese :)) @ 2:27 AM

P.S. The Beatles still own your spleens, by the way.

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