Apr. 8th, 2010 09:57 am
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Siiiiiiiiiiigh. This computer needs to stop doing this.

It takes forever to start up. Everything lags. The graphics cards keep wigging out. I forgot to mention here, though I ranted mightily on twitter, that the graphics card acted up in such a strange way I feared for my computer. Again. But I was NOT HAVING THAT. See, my mother was sick, and when my mother is sick she doesn't cook or go out and buy food, so I was starving. When I'm hungry you do not want to cross me. And then the graphics card causes strange problems like glitching out sims and then making me have to manually shut it off, and when it comes back there are LINES ON THE SCREEN (hmm, this sounds familiar) and I can only run it in safe mode, otherwise it's an endless loop of starting, getting to a certain point, and then restarting.

Knowing that it seemed to wig out while I was playing my game, I figured it must be the graphics card again.

So I flipped over the tower, opened it up, and flailed wildly for a bit. How do you get a graphics card out? I couldn't remember. There are thingies you push! But without the internet for guidance I couldn't look up which thingies. WHICH THINGIES DO YOU PUUUUUUUSH. Eventually my Hulk powers kicked in- I was HUNGRY, and this is MY BELOVED COMPUTER, and YOU DO NOT MESS WITH MY COMPUTER. YOU DO NOT. Especially not when I'm hungry. So I pushed some levers, wiggled some things, and BAM. I yanked that damn thing out like nobody's business without even breaking it or the computer, pretty much on sheer willpower alone at that point.

I hooked it back up and everything was fine. While on the integrated card I ran sims again to see if it was possibly the game causing trouble, but nope. So I put in the card my boyfriend gave me last time it went crazy and everything looks beautiful, no trouble at all.

Why do graphics cards hate me?

I didn't even bother with tech support this time. If all they're going to do is make me (or more accurately, my mother) spend hours on the phone with people who can't speak English and then send me barely functioning morons to put graphics cards that could potentially hurt my computer in, then forget it. I give up.

Well, anyway. Besides all that my beloved computer is very slow. I have tried everything I can think of. I do not have viruses. I do not have multiple programs running that shouldn't be. I only have I think 3 that run at startup, one of which is our virus/malware scanner. I've tried cleaning registry errors. It regularly scans itself for viruses/blahblah and does a weekly maintenence including defragmenting and deleting unnecessary files. I've moved a large number of files off of the harddrive completely. We got her in February 2007, but later in 2007 or maybe 2008 I think...? we had to get a new harddrive because of... well, I never really did figure out what went wrong, just that we needed a new harddrive. So this computer is a few years old but not so terribly old it should be like this. All of my programs are up to date. I let Windows update when it feels like. I don't have the money for a new computer right now and I really don't want to have to reinstall windows (which is the last solution most people mention).

I'd just like it to get its act together. My boyfriend's similar computer is about the same age and is full to bursting with giant files and programs and it runs like a dream. I don't get it. I think I might buy more memory for it, if I get any more aggravated.

First person who says anything at all about having a Mac, buying one, I should get one, blah blah gets scalped and fed said scalp. JS.

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The joy of surfing, duh.

-4:29 AM
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Sims 2 is laggy with the new card. Eh, whatever, it's not that bad.

I love Nutella.

AND DANNII MINOGUE IS PREGNANT! FOR REAL (she confirmed it on twitter!)


I wanted them to get married first, not because omgz out of wedlock~!1 but because a wedding would be gorgeous and full of celebrities and I just love weddings.

I hope she names the kid something normal. She and Kylie have a nephew (the one Kylie recorded a song with the Wiggles for) and I can't wait to see what this one is called. AKKASH I bet Dannii will be such a cute pregnant lady!

lmao why does this deserve a whole entry from me? Oh, silly me. Maybe next time we talk about things my flist actually cares about, hmm?

-ivybdanniiflower @ 9:12 AM


Jan. 9th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Well, *now* it's fixed. My boyfriend took me out yesterday (Olive Garden, yay!) but also brought over an old graphics card he had lying around.
He put it in and it was immediately fixed. No shutting down, no lines, no weird green blocks, no memory craziness, nothing.

So apparently the card Dell gave us was from satan or something, idek.

If I say graphics card one more time I will scream.

Oh, and in Snowwatch 2010 news:


-ivybtechnoflower @ 4:25 PM


Jan. 8th, 2010 11:26 am
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...did I seriously just fix my computer? Is it fixed now? Have I been in tears over nothing?

Let's backtrack: a few weeks ago (a month ago? I don't even remember) computer would turn on, the monitor button would turn green... and then turn orange. From past experience (aka THE LAST FREAKING TIME) I knew that this was the graphics card. After my mother called India for tech support and they HUNG UP ON HER, I did what I knew could be done, and unplugged the monitor from the graphics card and hooked it up to the integrated graphics card. Voila, problem (sorta) solved. Obvs, integrated graphics cards are kind of shitty. That's why computers ship with shiny new nvidia cards. But since even The Sims 2 ran fine with the integrated card, I wasn't too worried about it. Eventually mama called for someone to come put a new one in (after all, the integrated card was making things a bit laggy) and someone showed up, put a new card in, left, and then I got... lines on the screen. Pixelly weird lines on the screen. Then it tried to go to screen saver (cute bubbles) and suddenly decided this was all too much and it had to shut itself down. Naturally when a new graphics card is installed and things go horribly wrong, you panic. Mama called Dell Guy and he came right back and spent HOURS here, apparently getting nothing accomplished. He was kind of dumb, but whatever. He gave us a new motherboard too. Apparently they're related, idk.

But the lines and the shutting itself down got worse (at one point things were turning BRIGHT NEON GREEN, what the hell, and it wasn't just a green tint- it was just BLOCKS OF NEON GREEN, WHAT THE HELL, which weren't my system colors because we have pink, so who even knows what that was all about) and random programs kept announcing they were crashing before it would just shut itself down after flashing a blue screen full of text I'd dearly love to have read if it hadn't gone away so quickly (EVERY SINGLE TIME IT GOES AWAY BEFORE I FINISH READING THE FIRST LINE. GAHHH.) After messing with some bios settings (I was trying to get it to let me override the new card and use the integrated card again, because it wouldn't let me while the new card was still installed and I couldn't get it out because I'm scared of breaking things, but apparently it lied to me about those settings so whatever) so finally I opened the thing up and pushed on the card a bit and now it work-





I've got most of my folder backed up, I just need to do Kylie, but the thing won't stay not-shut-down long enough for me to get 30+ gigs loaded. Plus our family pictures folder (VERY IMPORTANT), and some stuff in the documents folder, and our favorites, and... oh, shit. WHY ME. What have I done to displease the computer gods? I love this computer more than lots of people. I take good care of her, she's my baby and I love her. I keep my virus and spyware protection up to date. I try to clean the registry. I back up stuff instead of clogging her up. I delete programs that suck and I don't need. I don't go to suspect websites.

All of this comes on the heels of losing half of my sims due to a crash while it was saving my neighborhood folder. I had to use an old backup and do some weird finagling with cheat programs to put things right again, and I was in tears because I was afraid something had happened to my very favorite sim Anna, who again I love more than lots of people. She's also prettier than most people, js.


Sigh :( Talk about epic techno hissyfits.

huh, the lines are flashing in time with the song on the cd player (house cd player, not computer cd player)

I'm so close to giving up. I just want it fixed.


oh I almost forgot, Snowwatch 2010: all signs point to it being slightly less impossible than usual for snow to happen tomorrow. WE SHALL SEE, STAY TUNED~


Dec. 17th, 2009 11:27 pm
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Had a weird urge to be electrician-y this morning (remember, my late night is your early morning, so for me doing this stuff at 5:45 in the morning is not weird) so I hooked up the old dvd player from the living room (when we got the HDTV we got a vhs-dvd-burning player so we can make dvds of our old home movies and stuff) in my bedroom so I could watch Help on dvd. I'd had another old dvd player in my room for years and years that hasn't worked since one day it went all wonky while I tried to watch a different Beatles dvd (The First US Visit, I think? Something like that) and hasn't been able to read any discs since. (I'd blame the dvd, but I tried it in different players and none of them spazzed, so... whatever). Finally hooked it up (mmm dust) and watched it. I love that movie so much. Every time I see it I forget how many funny bits it has. There's a lot of British humor but it's the funny kind, not the weird absurd "is that supposed to be the joke?" kind that I don't get because I'm weird like that, I guess.
Anyway, I love that movie and it made me happy. <3 Tonight I might watch A Hard Day's Night. I wish I had Yellow Submarine, but there's something stopping it from being released on dvd. IDK what but it makes me sad because I love that movie :(

-ivybbeatleflower @ 11:26 PM


Nov. 16th, 2009 11:19 pm
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So why does the whole internet insist my computer is stuck in the stone ages? Both Yahoo and Facebook were all "dude, upgrade your browser! (or switch to firefox or chrome or safari or some shit, we don't care)"

I HAVE THE LATEST IE! IE8! I went to their website and they were like "Why are you here?"

Plus Yahoo mail (my mother uses it, I use hotmail for normal stuff and for junk stuff) said we didn't have 1024x768... um, hello, yes we do. Anything else makes the computer look like ass.

Websites are ALWAYS telling me to upgrade IE. WHY?? I mean, I guess it's good that they can't tell stuff about my computer, but...why don't they know? Is IE keeping itself a secret? WTF is this shit?

(We won't even talk about websites that try to push firefox. I DON'T WANT IT. Okay? Good.)

(Or macs. The next website I see trying to tell me I need a whole new computer to look at their website will be hacked so it shows giant donkey penises and no one will know it was me. I PROMISE.)

(Apparently I have a lot of computer anger. Hmm.)

(Also I just went and "liked" a bunch of stuff on facebook, who knows why.)

-11:19 PM


Sep. 28th, 2009 10:17 am
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I'm splitting video files so my external hard drive will let me put them on it. They're HUGE (11 gigabytes EACH) and I want them off of my poor computer already. They're too important to delete, though, since they're copies of old VHS home movies. But they still take up more space than I'd like. So, in conclusion, SPLIT FASTER HJSPLIT.

(hjsplit is a program I downloaded. It works, but it's slow.)

-10:20 AM (I wish I could sleep :()


Jan. 14th, 2009 10:11 pm
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Man, computers do strange things sometimes. Like, apparently you can take this:


out of it and it'll still work fine.

(It's a video card, according to Dell tech support. A digital video card. My monitor is now plugged into an analog video card, or something, I don't know. All I know is that my mother had to talk to them from when American Idol was still on until 1:30 in the morning trying to find out why the computer wouldn't turn on but it sort of was on but it was making a lot of noise and the monitor was working but not showing anything and wtf just give me my internet. If it was a virus, I would have personally punched Bill Gates in the crotch, because WE PAY FOR YOUR STUPID ONECARE AND IF IT MISSED A VIRUS I WILL BE VERY ANNOYED and also embarrassed because I keep recommending it to everyone. But it was the video card, so, you know, dodged a bullet there, Bill. We can still be friends. <3)

Athena (my computer) is confused as all hell. Windows picture viewer is showing everything with a yellow tint (which it's done before and I fixed it, but I'm scared to fix things now until the tech guy comes and plays with the video card). She keeps trying to get me to install updates, but everything is working now and I'm not going to download anything. Also all pinks are, uh, pinker looking now, which I won't complain about. Tell me how a video card works fine one minute and then you go to start it back up and it goes NO SRY, like, wtf no warning? I don't even know.

I'm way happier than I should be that American Idol is back, also. I admit it: I love this show. I love it like cake. Also Kelly Clarkson's new single is a little electropop influenced and I am so in love.

OH OH OH PAUL WAS ON THE VIEW TODAY. That was really cool. Sometimes I forget just how much I love the Beatles, and then Paul comes on The View and I get giddy like a schoolgirl. So, you know, in case you were wondering: still obsessed like whoa. He's got a new techno album out now and it's really good, so go listen to it. Oh the album was released on my birthday. :)
-10:30 PM
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I know when Microsoft introduced Vista it seemed like everyone who knew anything about computers suddenly started carrying around picket signs saying stuff like "THE END IS NIGH" and "VISTA SUCKS" and "XP FOREVERRRRRRRR", but I never really knew why. I still don't know why. My computer is awesome. I did something monumentally stupid to my computer tonight, which is strange because usually I'm great at avoiding doing really dumb things to my computer, but somehow I made it forgot what zip files were. It completely forgot how to extract from them, create them, and it even stopped giving them that cute little icon with the folder with the zipper on it. It was all "WTF is this? Exactly what do you expect me to open THIS with?" and I was all "I dunno, whatever it is you used to use?" and it was all "lol no". And so I googled. Google failed. And I went to Yahoo! Answers and found some other dumbass who did the same thing I did, and they failed too, except that one person suggested system restore, which freaked me out. I'm used to the Windows 98 era of system restore, which means that you wipe your computer clean and restore it to the way it was when it came out of the box for the first time. Which is definitely not what I wanted. But computers built in this century apparently have a totally different kind of restore. They shouldn't even call it restore. They should call it "The Program That Fixes All The Stuff You Were Dumb Enough To Mess Up But Leaves Everything Else Alone". Because that's what it did. It restored itself right back to knowing what to do with a zip file and how to make one and how to extract one and whatever else it can do with zip files that I haven't figured out yet. And it got back the cute little folder with the zipper on it (I have no idea why I love that icon so much, but it's so adorable and literal), so everything's back to normal.

I still don't know what to name my computer, though. She's a girl computer, I know that much, but she's still nameless.

And that's today's tale of techno hissyfit goodness.

-3:39 AM
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So, anyone need any computer parts? I really don't want to throw my old one away :(

-4:26 AM


Apr. 4th, 2007 11:30 pm
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I am still computerless. The two computers are still at whereverthehell getting their drives wiped. The bad thing is, though, that once that happens, and they come home, MY COMPUTER STILL ISN'T FIXED because Dell has to install the new crap. So even when they come home, I will still be computerless. I know I have this one, but I hate coming here because the house is always creepy at night and the room's not comfortable and there's no TV and the record player in this room isn't hooked up and this computer is slow and the screen is kind of stretched funny. Not that I don't appreciate it, of course. It's great to have it here. But I really, really don't like XP.
I'm also horribly behind on lj posts and celebrity news and just talking to people in general.
It's funny, because even though I know I have no computer, I still keep thinking like I do. Today I thought to myself, "Hey, you know who hasn't IMed me lately? ...oh, right, I don't have anything TO RECEIVE THEIR IMS WITH. Now I remember." And I keep thinking of things I want to look up or read online, and lj entries I want to post. And I've been feeling really creative lately, but I don't have a computer to type with. Writing longhand is just not an option. I hold a pen in my hand and attempt to write fiction and my brain's just like "What? What are you trying to do? I don't understand, what?" It's just so frustrating.
I've also had nothing to do all night. The other night I got so bored I plucked my eyebrows for the first time since the prom. I've been watching JTV like a crazy person, but the hosts aren't always amusing and the jewelry's not always pretty, which causes problems. And forget about sleeping. I tried that last night and kept waking up every two hours after having nightmares. I just cannot sleep in the dark.
Today I dreamed I was an American Idol contestant and I hadn't picked my song yet and I was going to go on soon, and when I went on I'd only have 30 seconds to sing so I had to pick the right part of the song to sing, and I hadn't picked an outfit yet either and other people kept doing the songs I wanted to sing. It was Beatles night, by the way. So I was wearing this like, long sleeved red shirt with a turtleneck that went to my knees, but it was plain and boring and I didn't want to go on like that, so I asked Ryan Seacrest for help and he said I looked fine, but I said I simply could not wear this, so I asked for a belt to make it more interesting, so he tried to help me find a belt before I had to go on and I had no song to sing. I woke up just after I found an ugly belt and had chosen to sing "Something". The funny thing is, I was quite skinny and tall and never did I once think "wait, I can't sing!" It was an odd dream.
I also dreamed I was a character on that fresh prince show. That was kind of a fun dream, except I kind of hate that show. But it was fun being in that universe for awhile, because I got to be black.
Then I dreamed Bianca and I were in some really trendy mall and Justin Timberlake was there, except he looked like he did when he was still with Britney 1283873 years ago. And she and I agreed that he looked good, and should stay shaved because he's not so hot with the unshavenness. But I told her I was sad that I don't like his music, and she felt bad for me. That's all kind of amusing because in real life I don't pay much attention to him, and I don't really have an opinion either way on his attractiveness. And also, neither of us was acting like it was a big deal to be so close to him.

That reminds me of the time I had a dream my car almost crashed into a car with Lindsay Lohan's family in it, and my first thought was "I have to go to ONTD and post about this!" and I kept taking pictures for them.

Speaking of Bianca, I haven't talked to you in like five years so as soon as I get my own computer back I am so IMing you. Be prepared, k.

-11:49 PM


Feb. 8th, 2007 10:11 pm
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So here I am, on my new computer. It's really nice. I felt a kind of instant connection when I took it out of the box, so don't worry about my emotional state (besides, we can't throw away the old one until we take everything off the harddrive and put it on here.)

I just made everything pink (I can't stand the stupid blue and green) and now I feel even better. It's not so bad to use and the internet's all fast again like it's supposed to be (which made downloading the important programs like AIM easier.) Now I just have to find some more settings, and I'll be happy.

Yes, I do feel bad about loving it so quickly, but that's okay. I'll get over it. :)


-@10:16 PM
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My computer is here!
I'd like to take this opportunity to tell this computer that I love it very, very much and will never forget it, yet again. I'll be shutting it so it doesn't have a techno hissy fit from watching me squee over the new one (BIG BOX OMG) Yep, that's pretty much my reaction to technology: BIG BOX OMG. I'm really good with computers, I'm not one of those people who gets a new cell phone and like dies, but I'm also really amazed by it (unlike others my age.) So, there we go.

Goodbye, old computer. <333333333333333333333 :(

-5:34 PM


Feb. 7th, 2007 11:57 pm
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New computer should be here sometime around Saturday. I do hope I can figure out how to work it, after all of this. My old desklamp heard we were getting a new computer and committed suicide out of loyalty to this one, and also because it refused to share a desk with this brand new godforsaken technology. I'm serious: we threw it away today (which makes me extremely sad because I've had it forever.) Also, this computer threw a little techno hissy fit recently and now refuses to download stuff or display flash websites (which means OMGWTFJKROWLINGSWEBSITE.)

Last night I started rereading Sorcerer's Stone. Once I get all the way through the series I'll start over. I think maybe before I finish SS I'll reread the schoolbooks. Obsessive? Yes, very. But I'm determined to make this a good Harry Potter experience. Even if the release date is a good long way away.

Well, see you all soon (I'll probably make at least one more update before the new one comes.)

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