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SPICE GIRLS. I mean, come on.

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In this entry: Spice Girls, Hair, and Writerly Thoughts.

1. Had another Spice Girls dream the other day, but none today/yesterday (my bizarre sleeping schedule makes these things hard to keep track of).

2. Lately my hair has just been fabulous. FABULOUS. It's so soft and unbelievably shiny, I cannot even tell you. I got some leave-in conditioner (the one for long hair from Herbal Essences, since I am their bitch) since it was on sale for 2 bucks, and I am so happy I did. Even if it stays on my hands for hours, the results are soooooo worth it. It works best when put in wet hair, though. It makes dry hair weird. The scalp must also be avoided during application. And just a little pump makes allllll of this hair fabulous. For all of you people who haven't seen me in... a year...? My hair has definitely gotten longer and fuller. Just to keep you updated on my hair.

3. Because I don't feel accomplished unless I make lists:
A few entries ago I mentioned having to rewrite my book. (I'm calling it a book to make myself feel important. I don't actually believe I can be published)
So far I've gotten 2,322 words out of 27,943 switched over to the proper pronouns (since I'm going back through and deleting all of the personal pronouns and switching them to third person pronouns.) AND THEN I'll have to go back and patch up some sentences that just flow awkwardly.
I've also written 238 words of brand-new stuff. I have to tell you that it's disheartening to be working on this thing and not see the word count go up as I'm switching words from "I" to "she". I know it should be quality over quantity, but watching the word count go steadily upwards has been one of the greatest thrills from this whole endeavor (considering all of my other finished stuff tends to fall below five thousand words). It's also hard not to want to go forward with the story in my head and then ruin everything, because if I get too far in my head and not far enough on paper I'll give up on it. Bleh. I might go in and work some more on the next parts, but then I'll lose the energy I need to redo the rest and bleeeeeh. Writing is hard :(

But I am happy, though. My life just feels wonderful.

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La la la

Jun. 6th, 2008 10:33 pm
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Last night Victoria Beckham moved in next door. None of the other Spice Girls came, but her husband did, which was the first time I've met him so far. And we partied and there were many, many paparazzi photos of us together, which was neat.
It's getting kind of weird though. I'm not complaining, because they're fun dreams, but, you know, it's getting weird.

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1. It would be really neat if my name was Trixie.

2. Victoria Beckham must have been my best friend in a previous life. There's no other explanation for why she keeps popping up in my dreams and being so friendly. Sometimes the other Spice Girls come too, but it's usually just Victoria, hanging out with me and giving me clothes.

3. At the rate I'm going, this book will be finished sometime in 2017.

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Nov. 29th, 2007 04:18 am
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So, in happier news, has everyone heard the new Spice Girls songs?
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Just in case you're interested, the WGA strike has caused several shows that ran out of stockpiled scripts to cease production already. The shows produced will last for a few weeks, but some people are predicting that we'll be out of "the good stuff" by Christmas.
Also, the Spice Girls Greatest Hits CD is available now.
Lastly, the Beatles' Help! DVD is also available now. Guess what I'm getting for my birthday WHICH IS IN SEVENTEEN DAYS WHAT THE HELL HOLY GOD ASKDKSKSK?

My almostAunt and cousin are coming down from New York for Thanksgiving/my birthday this year. (I call her my almostAunt because she never got the chance to marry my uncle before he was killed, but they were engaged and after his death she legally changed her last name to his, and she's also my cousin's mother, so she's my aunt as far as I'm concerned.)
Cut for birthday rambles )
Anyway, hope everyone else has something to look forward to for Thanksgiving, especially Bianca.

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Aug. 6th, 2007 12:34 am
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Askoxford.com's quote of the day:

"It's like being divorced then getting back with your ex."
-Victoria Beckham, British pop singer, on the Spice Girls Reunion

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Now I get to relive the childhood I never had! :)
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Jun. 28th, 2007 04:12 am
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Spice announcement tomorrow. I CANNOT wait. And I got an Exceeds Expectations on the third WOMBAT, yay.
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Jun. 22nd, 2007 10:31 pm
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OMGOMGOMGOMG I became a fan just in time!

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Because I've spent all of tonight reliving the nineties, especially on wikipedia, looking up the Clueless series, Hey Dude, the pink Power Ranger (FTW!!!) and the yellow Power Ranger (the first one) and, of course, the Spice Girls. In fact, I went to myspace to add them to my music thing, and I found out they were already there. Interesting.
But anyway, I think there needs to be a 90s revival, like right now. Before I explode from nostalgia. In fact, I'm more comfortable admitting what I like now than I was when I was in elementary school. So forgive me if I feel the need to relive my childhood now that I'm not being judged by my friends and those bitches I went to school with. OMG, THEY HAVE JOHNNY BRAVO EPISODES ON CARTOONNETWORK.COM. Excuse me, I have more reliving to do.

-2:42 AM

P.S. RIP Thuy Trang, who played the first yellow ranger :(

Okay so.

May. 5th, 2007 01:21 am
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Today I chilled with Bianca and co. And I totally LOVE THE SPICE GIRLS, and I'm really happy about that, except I come on livejournal and find a post about Mel C being all "no no no" to a reunion. Don't ruin my second childhood, bitch.

Other than that, it was a wonderful day for more reasons than you can guess.

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