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I don't really have any explanation for why I did this. I spent so much time trying to see if I could and not enough time thinking about whether or not I should. I just... just click the cut, okay? Picture heavy. Phobia warning for grotesquely-featured humanoids and humanoids WITHOUT FACES. Oh God. OH GOD )
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Oh Maxis, you really shouldn't have...

Download and Rambles: Oh... you shouldn't have, Auntie Maxis! )


Oct. 1st, 2012 01:26 am
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Here is a very very very picture-heavy post (60!) about what Bubblegum and Marceline did once they finally became fully fledged sims in their candy house. I just take random caps as I'm playing so they're not very artsy and the house isn't nearly finished, but. I'll upload Marcie and PB soon. Oh and the pony sims are in here too because they visited!

what time is it??? LESVENTURE TIME )
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Downloads + Previews + Credits under the cut. in here! )
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Also a pony post. Again. Some more. I tried more poseboxes and lighting techniques. Still suck, but had fun learning. The 3 main couples are featured :)

Ponysims. Also lesbianry )
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and also an MLP:FIM post!

Twilight welcomes you in~

just a few )


Feb. 8th, 2012 06:14 am
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I fixed a glitch I've had for months in my game where children and teens would make errors every time they tried to come downstairs using my favorite stairs (and also the square version). I've had to build houses based around keeping kids and teens downstairs at all times because if they wandered up, when they tried to come back down, bam, error. If they wanted to finish painting something, error. The only time there were no errors was when I just told them "go here" but even that sometimes didn't work. So many times they'd go upstairs to do some stupid thing like make their parents' bed and then OOPS ERROR and the school bus disappears. But I played a tester hood and my megahood and no teens or children have had any errors, no disappearing buses or carpools.

All I did was redownload some hacks and I removed two I decided weren't important. I guess before I had old versions? But for now it seems to have worked. I've gotten so used to desperately trying to get kids downstairs before the bus comes that now I forgot how to play without doing that. I can't even imagine what hacks could have been clashing/interfering as I have no stair-related hacks or teen/child-related hacks. I also have no idea why it only happened to those stairs and not regular stairs. Mysteries of sim life, I guess.

Since I've been playing the megahood as a personal challenge to get all sims with the "have 10 children" want fulfilled I've had boatloads of children everywhere. I want all the Maxis sims to have children in addition to the premade children (so the Pleasants have had more than just Lilith and Angela... in fact Daniel wanted 10, and Kaylynn supplied some- she lives in a little cottage I built next to the house so I could play her without having to load another lot and Mary Sue flirts with her all the time as well, and now Kaylynn wants 10...) All these sims want children because I've switched most romance sims to family sims, since I hate playing romance sims in relationships and they annoy me in general.

Anyway I'm sure you're all already aware but PMBD and MATY desperately need money to keep their servers online so if you can donate, I hope you do.


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Feb. 3rd, 2012 02:10 am
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Okay, sims community and Harry Potter fans:

if Molly and Arthur Weasley had more than 7 kids- possibly 3 or maybe more- what would they name them? I personally think it would be funny to name one Ginger, but I'm not sure.

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In this post: Death, wedding, babies, robots. Sims! )


Jan. 26th, 2012 05:07 am
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Ginny-sim doesn't want to die. I have been patiently playing their house and trying to get Ginny to finally peacefully pass on so Harry and Draco can get married and spend the few days of their lives together before they die too and they can all be polyamorous in the simafterlife.

My game keeps crashing every time I try to play their lot that far. Crashed twice AFTER Hermione's made her first servo and Tulip ages up. Must be something wrong with the lot or one of the sims or something, but I can't think what it could be since I play their neighborhood with all the same custom content and hacks I play my other current neighborhood with, and that neighborhood never has any problems. I might try moving the five elders to another lot and move Amaryllis, Frankie, and Tulip to their own small lot. I think Tulip might be the problem here but, again, I have no idea why that might be.

so this post isn't a complete waste of space, here's a shot of Amaryllis. I have her extracted in case anyone wants her.

I still do not own a Cupid.

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Jan. 16th, 2012 11:47 pm
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hi sims people!

I'm adding a bunch of you all on here and dreamwidth so I can keep track of you. You don't have to add me back or pay me any attention at all ;)

but if you do add me back that's also cool! I would enjoy that.

thanks for being awesome.
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So far this offseason my team has chosen not to re-sign one of the best and nicest players (Johnny Damon), and also THE best first baseman (Casey Kotchman).

instead they have signed:

-A rapist
-A violent dude
-A birther, who is also racist (he throws banana chips at his Dominican teammates to remind them not to act "savage")

I am not pleased. Hopefully the racist starts trouble with the violent dude and they end up beating each other out of a job, and then the rapist catches on fire.

Had yet another blue sim baby. It's a different shade of blue this time. I need to check the way I have these skins geneticized because white sims should not be popping out blue babies at this frequency. Actually one of them had a different color baby, but the skintone was so unflattering (it was a yellowish cream and made her features look flat and bizarre) that I changed it.


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Nov. 12th, 2011 11:36 pm
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I think I'm getting sick. Again! But I've started taking my mucinex early this time, so hopefully my birthday won't be ruined.

rn I'm doing nerdy shit concerning editing sims files. Rather than downloading separate slouchy clothes for elders, I just enable adult clothes for them so they can stand up straight and I can save all that space on my hard drive/cut down loading times. And because let's face it, old people looking like old people is just depressing. They're already all wrinkly, let's not give all the women that elder-sim uniboob thing okay? okay.

-11:36 PM
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Yep. Death. And Draco being slutty )
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In this post: Draco being a creeper, a wedding, and a sad day.

lolololol )

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