Jul. 10th, 2012 04:12 am
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hi guys

-They're making a new Sailor Moon anime in Japan, and seem to be implying it'll be in some way available worldwide?

-Something's wrong with my bedroom wall and water is coming in somehow and my carpet got all wet and now my room is all violated. MY BEDROOOOOM. It's going to be awhile before someone fixes it. yay mildew?

-I thought there were more things but there aren't more things

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Sep. 18th, 2011 12:27 am
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Draculaura and I are getting on quite well. I've already torn apart my room looking for accessories for her. All I've found that doesn't look stupid are those little rings you put on electric toothbrush heads so people know whose is whose, which work fabulously as bangles.

Barbie clothes don't fit Monster High dolls, because MH dolls have TINY bodies. They have practically no boobs, which I guess is good for little girls to see some attractive women don't have to have giant boobs. I thought Sailor Moon's clothes might fit, but I'm not even going to bother because up close Sailor Moon's waist is too big. Her shoes do fit, though, which will be cool if I ever get any other outfits, since my other SM dolls have their shoes besides Sailor Mars, for some reason. srsly where did her shoes go.

Sailor Mars is missing her shoes and one of her gloves and her necklace ribbon broke (I can fix that though.) Sailor Venus' hair is a mess. One of Sailor Moon's pigtail holders broke :( Sailor Jupiter is fine, and Sailor Mercury's hair looks stupid, I guess because short hair on dolls is hard. I'm gonna try heat styling their hair into looking decent again since I've had practice with plastic wigs.

And I'm going to try turning the fabric scraps I have lying around into doll clothes. I mean, Draculaura has ONE OUTFIT. I've found a few hair accessories that make cute skirts, but nothing that could work as a top. And the doll line doesn't really sell a lot of clothes. When they make new outfits, they make all new dolls for them. Which is cool for collectors since each doll gets new makeup and hairstyles, but not so cool for poor people who just want to mix and match once in awhile.

in any case I've heard other dolls' clothes sort of fit, so maybe I'll buy a few Bratz outfits and do some nips and tucks with my trusty needle and thread. (I tried to make her a tube top out of stretchy fabric, but it doesn't stretch enough so now she just has a single badly sewn leg warmer. lol fail.)

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lol I never did do that play by play from Kylie. Maybe I will later idk.

♥I had a dream last night that I was part of some sort of minority group in a really horrible world where my people were hated and I was like trying to pretend I was part of the non-hunted people but I was found out and this guy was dragging me around and I kept escaping and he kept holding a like... razor blade in a pen to my throat and I was like "bitch plz" and eventually I got possession of the razor blade pen thing and I think he fell in love with me? I have no idea.

Basically, I just love how no matter what I'm dreaming about, DreamIvy is never fazed. Hold a knife to her throat and she's like "Okay." She just DOES NOT CARE. It's like she knows it's just a dream and there's no way to actually hurt her. SHE IS SO BADASS.

♥Also, CAN I PLEASE HAVE A MONSTER HIGH DOLL. I want a Draculaura pretty much more than I want to breathe. Then after I get her I want a Frankie and then a Lagoona and then maybe one of the two newer ones. But basically I want all of them. They can chill with my Sailor Moon dolls. Sailor Moon and Draculaura would be bffs.
I've been watching the cartoon webseries (STFU) and the characters are just so perfect I can't stand myself. I like how Draculaura is shorter than everyone else but isn't treated like a little kid. I like how one of the guys is a creep and IS CALLED OUT ON HIS CREEPARIFIC STALKER WAYS. Like, the girls don't like it, don't think it's flattering, and don't make each other like it. And the other guy characters think he's creepy too! They're not like LOL WAY TO GO DUDE. Nope. I JUST LOVE THESE STUPID CHARACTERS OKAY LEAVE ME ALONE.

♥also note to _aiers and spinoff folks, plz submit some more last minute saturday secrets! I'll be posting them up sometime after 3 AM EST.

♥I am pleased with how things are going on Idol.

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Jan. 15th, 2010 08:37 pm
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I'm thinking of prettying up my profile. I noticed all my new ontd_ai frienz (HAI) all have like, colorbars and stuff. And my fanciest thing is some bold text and a link to my neopets referral. Not sure what I'd include, tho. Probably... like everything I like. I already have my signature pic from my favorite Kylie forum (it's all ten of her studio albums, colored pink) that I could use. I could string together some of the ancient Beatles icons I made way back when I made this default. Same for Sailor Moon and HP. And the Rays. And possibly even my favorite sims (Anna is my special favorite, so you can see what she looks like.) And Lemony Snicket. Hmm. AND IDOL, of course. :D

Why do they always cut the hair so short on What Not To Wear? Not every single woman needs to have it so short. Long hair can be pretty and flattering, ffs. Short hair looks great but they never seem to give them good short cuts. Bleh.

I need to clean my bathroom, also. Will do soon.

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New icon!

Mar. 8th, 2007 12:11 am
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I finally got a new icon! My first new icon since December 2003, when I got my livejournal and uploaded the first three. I made this one, because I make all of my icons. I'm l33t like that, yo. It's Sailor Moon (that other pointy thing in the corner is her daughter's hair) with cherries and pink hair. Lately I've gotten really into my obsession with cherries (that I've kind of always had but now it's worse). So I decided to use two of my loves, Sailor Moon and cherries, to make a new icon. I've been thinking of what to do for a new icon ever since lj went from 3 icons to 6, and I finally decided on one. Yay! K, bye.

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(The subject title was originally Sup Folks, but I changed it to the much more appropriate title you see now.)
Anyway, I didn't get anything noteworthy for Christmas (just clothes) probably because I'm too old to get money from people now. But I did get an electric blanket, and although it scared me at first (I'm deathly afraid of all sources of artificial heat, like toasters, ovens, and hair dryers) I'm not sure how I ever lived without it. Yeah, I have been talking about how it's been hot out lately, but it's gotten a bit cooler and I'm generally always cold anyway. It's funny, I get a lot of "warm" things for Christmasses even though we live in Florida. Probably because the rest of the year I'm complaining I'm cold. I only wish it was portable, because I'd never leave the house without it if it was.

Today we went to the mall, and in the dollar store (it's not one of those chain dollar stores, so you're more likely to find off-brand stuff or crazy Chinese crap there) there was this little set of mismatched "jewelry"... and on the crappy mirror was SAILOR MOON herself. Not really Sailor Moon- more like crappy Chinese Sailor Moon. But it was a Sailor Moon product, official or not, and I had to have it.
This isn't the first time that store has had Sailor Moon stuff. They had (official) 2-inch figures once. I got Sailor Mars and Molly (they were American). I have no idea how they ended up with them five years after the Irwin toy company went bankrupt and then came back as a game manufaturer.
Then there's the random Chinese Eternal Sailor Moon clock I got in Chinatown (by the way, wtf is it with all of this Chinese Sailor Moon lately? Sailor Moon is JAPANESE!) that has some random Asian song that plays when the alarm goes off (I saw one like it online except that one supposedly plays the SM theme song.) I'm not entirely sure the clock was an official product, either.

Speaking of random Asianness, this dollar store also sells gift bags.
The bag I bought (because I pretty much HAD to) is bright sky blue with random blue bubbles and white flowers, and some diamond shapes that look like those things people use to make something look "twinkly", a very very oddly shaped watermelon (it looks like a U) and some green apples, one of which is cut open and looks like a pig snout. On top of the bag, in big letters, it says Fresh Fruits. Okay. That's... weird, but not enough to but it into the "special" category.
Underneath the Fresh Fruits declaration (which is designed so it looks like the words are moving...) the next line says:
I wish that you could know how much I Love you.
That's really sweet, right? I mean, totally random when it comes to the weird-shaped fruit theme, but sweet all the same. Yes, Love is capitalized on the bag.
The next line says, exactly as I type it,
My heart would best for ou You've filled my life for me.

That's... I mean, maybe it... I... what?
It's really sturdy, considering it's a gift bag. It's made of vinyl/plastic and heck, I might just use it as some kind of crazy purse. Or hang it on my wall, I might do that.
Now, I've read online that English is really popular for use as decorations on stuff in Asia. Most people in these countries don't know, nor do they care, what the English says. They probably recognize a few words, like "love" maybe, and that's it. And no, I'm not insulting them: consider how many people in America buy shirts, jewelry, and even tattoos with random Asian writing (because face it, many Westerners can't tell the difference between the Asian languages) and they have no idea what the heck it says. I mean, sure the package says "luck" or "evil", but how can you be entirely sure they're not lying? Or that the package wasn't created by someone who doesn't know?

Anyway, I have cartoons to watch.
Peace homiez.
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ETA: I just realized, it doesn't say Love. It says "Loue". Man, it just keeps getting better and better.
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The pictures are taking longer than I expected to be ready for my picture posts, so hang on a while longer, please. <3 In the mean time I'll look for some other pictures to post.
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This is from the first part of a song on one of my Sailor Moon CDs (there are three, and I have the first two.) I dunno, it just kind of feels like an AP kid kind of day.

There are days when those gray skies
Make you blue
Each forward step you take
You fall back by two

You've been hit by some hard knocks
You just can't stand
Feeling like Alice felt
In wonderland...

The rest of the song is about some blah blah I'll make your day better ILU BFF!11 stuff. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's a corny song so I'll spare you. I just like that part, because it's true.
-@ 3:22 AM. I have more to say about stuff, but I have to go recover from my omgillness (I'm loads better! I love my medicine! :))


Jan. 10th, 2006 12:35 am
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Since I got tagged...

Tagged by: Jackieee

List seven songs you are into right now. no matter what the genre,
whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be
songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your
livejournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to
see what they're listening to.

1) Don't Bother Me- The Beatles- Rubber Soul
2) What You Own- Rent movie soundtrack
3) I Want to Hold Your Hand- Sailor Moon (no joke!)
4) One Song Glory- Rent movie soundtrack
5) A Hard Day's Night- The Beatles- A Hard Day's Night
6) Cascabel- The Springstead Spanish National Choir
7) Musetta's Waltz- La Boheme

I tag anyone who hasn't done it yet :)
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P.S. I love you, sweetheart. :)
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Saturday was a nice day. I'm not sure why I didn't write about it then, or yesterday, but okay.

First of all, we're getting the new carpet OMGSOON, so I was cleaning out my room. I can't clean without music, so I dug up my old Sailor Moon CD (I lost one of them, but I downloaded it from so everything's good). I found out that DVD players can play scratched songs, which is really cool, because my favorite song off of that album, Only a Memory Away, is MAJORLY SCRATCHED, but it plays like it did when I first got it. Hey, I'm new to technology, apparently this is like, common knowledge or something. *shrug* lol. :)

Then I went (with my new hair extension) to Bianca's house to see Stephanie. Andrea was there. I was very happy to see Stephanie and her new red hair. Also, she had cake, which: YAY CAKE!! I love cake. We watched Amelie (instert accent where it belongs) and I love subtitles. It wasn't really eventful, but it was really fun. <33

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