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As you all probably know, I met Alton Brown at a signing once. He was super nice. I met the author of Running out of Time, Margaret Peterson Haddix, when she came to my school and signed my book. She was nice and her little talk was influential later when I decided to become a writer (LOL WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THAT). Paul McCartney waved to my mother once.

Mostly I only ever see famous people in concerts, and for those I usually go big or go home (Adam, Kylie, Paul, Ringo) so I never get to meet anyone because they're like superstars. I'd like to meet a baseball player one of these days.

-8:50 AM

wait wait edit: I hope I never meet Cerabergfield because that would just be awkward. "You know for awhile I was legitimately convinced you were the same person as-" "I know, I know, that Cera dude, UGH." "No, that guy who was in the movie with you who you look nothing like. I am so sorry, Michael. I MEAN ANDREW. I MEAN. OH SCREW IT I DON'T EVEN LIKE ANY OF YOU."
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Eh eh

Mar. 29th, 2010 12:13 am
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er, why am I here again?

lol I forget. Anyway, I'm so ready for April. Soooooo ready for warmer weather on a more predictable scale, BASEBAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL SEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSOOOOOOOOOON, and... er, I think that's it. But it's still exciting.

Plus it may hold new single news for Kylieeeeeee. Her album is going to come out around June, or so whisper the ~insiders~, so we should get more concrete news in April at least. And Gaga's releasing Alejandro as a singleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SO EXCITED I LOVE THAT SONG SFM.

I know a lot of Kylie fans would haaaaate it but if Gaga and Kylie did something together for some reason I would DIE. I would die so dead. Just explode in a million dead pieces.

I think Paul's also touring but I suspect I will be missing out on that. Tickets, even the cheaper ones, cost something like the price of a small reliable used car, so... that's out of the question.

In eyelid news, it got worse yesterday but today seems mostly normal. It still hurts a teensy bit if I poke it but if I ignore it I forget anything's wrong so I think by tomorrow it'll be okay.

I also just replied to Dannii on twitter. I'm getting better at this celebrity tweeting stuff. :D

By the way, my twitter name is Ivyette (which is the same as my username on last.fm). If for some reason you want to add me on either site, that would be lovely.

-12:11 AM

WAIT WAIT I FORGOT. One last happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] odontv!! <333


Mar. 10th, 2010 12:25 am
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] thissinkingboat.

Pick your 6 current favorite bands/singers.
1. The first song of theirs that you heard
2. The song that made you love them / that you'll always love
3. Your current favorite

1. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
2. Real Love (song that's my all time favorite... there is no one song that made me love them, duh)
3. Here Comes The Sun

Kris Allen
1. lol idek. Whatever he did first on the show.
2. Falling Slowly studio version... I listened to it like 1283012983 times.
3. Alright With Me

Kylie Minogue
1. Cherry Bomb
2. In My Arms
3. Extraordinary Day (Taprobane)

Dannii Minogue
1. So Under Pressure
2. Disremembrance
3. Put The Needle On It

Wings/Paul Solo (It all kind of blends together for me)
1. Maybe I'm Amazed
2. The entire Venus and Mars album.
3. Junk

Adam Lambert
1. His show stuff all blends together for me... I actually didn't like him much on the show. Thought he was sweet but hated his song choices.
2. If I Had You
3. Pick U Up


George Solo/Travelling Wilburys
1. All Things Must Pass
2. All Those Years Ago
3. Handle Me With Care

Ringo Solo:
1. Photograph
2. Photograph
3. ...Photograph! I love all of his stuff, obviously, but this one pulls on my heart the way few other songs by any artist do.

John Solo:
1. Give Peace A Chance
2. Imagine
3. He's my favorite so this is weird, but not really any right now.

Kish Mauve:
1. 2 Hearts (song that Kylie covered)
2. You Make Me Feel (written by Kylie)
3. Modern Love

1. Prelude
2. End Of The Rainbow
3. September All Over

Victoria Beckham:
1. Let Your Head Go
2. Gone
3. I O U

-12:28 AM


Feb. 5th, 2010 07:48 pm
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It hurts my soul to say this, but James McCartney's (Paul's son) music isn't very good.

I'm sure a lot of people would disagree tho. I think he'll do reasonably well.

-7:47 PM


Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:11 pm
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I keep forgetting to mention, but this is pretty important. Paul featured on Ringo's new single. It made me cry, because I am a sap.

http://www.last.fm/music/Ringo+Starr/_/Walk+With+You :D

-ivybsapflower @ 11:10 PM


Dec. 17th, 2009 11:27 pm
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Had a weird urge to be electrician-y this morning (remember, my late night is your early morning, so for me doing this stuff at 5:45 in the morning is not weird) so I hooked up the old dvd player from the living room (when we got the HDTV we got a vhs-dvd-burning player so we can make dvds of our old home movies and stuff) in my bedroom so I could watch Help on dvd. I'd had another old dvd player in my room for years and years that hasn't worked since one day it went all wonky while I tried to watch a different Beatles dvd (The First US Visit, I think? Something like that) and hasn't been able to read any discs since. (I'd blame the dvd, but I tried it in different players and none of them spazzed, so... whatever). Finally hooked it up (mmm dust) and watched it. I love that movie so much. Every time I see it I forget how many funny bits it has. There's a lot of British humor but it's the funny kind, not the weird absurd "is that supposed to be the joke?" kind that I don't get because I'm weird like that, I guess.
Anyway, I love that movie and it made me happy. <3 Tonight I might watch A Hard Day's Night. I wish I had Yellow Submarine, but there's something stopping it from being released on dvd. IDK what but it makes me sad because I love that movie :(

-ivybbeatleflower @ 11:26 PM


Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:07 pm
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Ringo and Paul sing song together to be released in January or possibly before, idk


also there's rumors coming from very well connected people in the Kylie community that her next single will be coming very soon next year... so excited.



-2:06 PM


Mar. 7th, 2009 05:18 am
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Good news:
-Still not sick.
-Have baby migraine, though. Funnily enough darkness bothers my eyes more than the computer screen.

-The Beatles version of that Rockband game comes out 09/09/09. Neat.
-Paul and Ringo will be playing TOGETHER at the SAME TIME on the SAME STAGE with some other folks at some sort of benefit concert for... teaching children of war how to meditate? Good idea in theory, but I bet they'd rather have, like, food or something.

Kylie Minogue:
-She's going to be in a Bollywood movie AND sing a song!

-Currently recording new album while releasing singles off of her old one in hopes of getting ANOTHER US club hit (You may have heard the last one- "Cry For You", the one that goes "You'll never see me again, so now who's gonna cry for you?")
-Recently stated Kylie was her inspiration. I love it when my musical loves collide.

-My birds (Mookie and Rocco) have been pretty crappy as pets since I got them, but today they let me feed them some celery. It was A Moment. I'm glad.

-Been doing pretty well in Spring Training. Whoo!

My Novel:
-Still sucks :(


-Time now is:
-5:24 AM


Jan. 14th, 2009 10:11 pm
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Man, computers do strange things sometimes. Like, apparently you can take this:


out of it and it'll still work fine.

(It's a video card, according to Dell tech support. A digital video card. My monitor is now plugged into an analog video card, or something, I don't know. All I know is that my mother had to talk to them from when American Idol was still on until 1:30 in the morning trying to find out why the computer wouldn't turn on but it sort of was on but it was making a lot of noise and the monitor was working but not showing anything and wtf just give me my internet. If it was a virus, I would have personally punched Bill Gates in the crotch, because WE PAY FOR YOUR STUPID ONECARE AND IF IT MISSED A VIRUS I WILL BE VERY ANNOYED and also embarrassed because I keep recommending it to everyone. But it was the video card, so, you know, dodged a bullet there, Bill. We can still be friends. <3)

Athena (my computer) is confused as all hell. Windows picture viewer is showing everything with a yellow tint (which it's done before and I fixed it, but I'm scared to fix things now until the tech guy comes and plays with the video card). She keeps trying to get me to install updates, but everything is working now and I'm not going to download anything. Also all pinks are, uh, pinker looking now, which I won't complain about. Tell me how a video card works fine one minute and then you go to start it back up and it goes NO SRY, like, wtf no warning? I don't even know.

I'm way happier than I should be that American Idol is back, also. I admit it: I love this show. I love it like cake. Also Kelly Clarkson's new single is a little electropop influenced and I am so in love.

OH OH OH PAUL WAS ON THE VIEW TODAY. That was really cool. Sometimes I forget just how much I love the Beatles, and then Paul comes on The View and I get giddy like a schoolgirl. So, you know, in case you were wondering: still obsessed like whoa. He's got a new techno album out now and it's really good, so go listen to it. Oh the album was released on my birthday. :)
-10:30 PM
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The Biography channel has a special on the Paul tour that I went to. No footage I recognize as being from my concert, not even the part where he fell into a hole in the stage. Not even the part where he waved to my mother. Oh well, it's still exciting. <3

-11:57 PM
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Okay, I've recovered. I can tell you about Paul now. <33 If I don't get tired halfway through the entry, which I may just do.
Okay, I'll skip the descriptions of the boring stuff and get to the actual concert part. It SAYS 8:00, but it doesn't start for a long time afterwards.
I always hate it when people say "there are no words to describe it" and then write a huge long thing about something, but yeah, I guess that's what I'm going to have to do.
It's not the effects, or the music, or any one thing that makes it so awesome. He could have stood there with a kid making flashlight pictures humming the Titanic song and it would have been just as awesome, I'm telling you.
Here's a list of the songs he did, with some comments. No lj cut. If you don't like my long entries, deal with it. :)

After a weird sound collage of such obscure Paul McCartney songs as Morse Moose and the Grey Goose, a chipmunk version of Coming Up, Rinse the Raindrops, and What's That You're Doing (with Stevie Wonder), he started the show with a kind of timeline of his life, including ancient pictures of John and George, and of course a few of Ringo but he's not dead.
THEN he actually came out on the stagey thing and started the concert music show itself with:
Magical Mystery Tour
Weird, weird song to start with, Paul. But I guess the Tour part and the "Roll up, roll up" part make sense. That and you can only start a show ith "Hello Goodbye" so many times. It was good. EVERY song was good.
On my list, I just have a question mark here because it's one of his new songs and he didn't introduce any of his songs (because, let's face it, if you're going to a Beatle's concert, you KNOW all of the songs already.) It was good. Everyone got up and went to pee or whatever during this one though.
I'll Get You
This one is actually a John song. So it was weird that Paul did it. But it was good, of course.
Drive My Car
He never doesn't do this one. Siriuslee.
Till There Was You
I LOVE this song. It's also extremely obscure.
Let Me Roll It
An obscure Wings song. Love it.
At the end of LMRI, he and his band went into a kind of jam thing, and there were all these whispers in the audience because apparently it was part of a Jimi Hendrix song.
Got To Get You Into My Life
Fine Line
This is one of his new ones- and here, everyone got up and went to get drinks or whatever. I like it, personally. "There's a fine line, between chaos and creation...."
Maybe I'm Amazed
The only Paul solo song my mother likes, and a good one, at that.
Before Maybe I'm Amazed, a hole opened up in the stage floor and Paul fell into it. I'm serious: a big square of stage just fell into the abyss and Paul stumbled back into it. And then he was all "I'm okay!" you know, after the audience all panicked. Turns out the hole is there because a platform comes up with his piano on it, the piano used in Maybe I'm Amazed and other songs. Later in the show he almost fell into it again but some guy pushed him away from it. It was cute.
The Long and Winding Road
This song is so awesome live, honestly. It's so emotional.
In Spite of All the Danger
This is the only song ever to be credited to "McCartney/Harrison". But the original lead is John's. Paul did it though, and asked for audience participation during the oooh part. He's so cool. P.S. I LOVE THIS SONG A LOT.
I Will
I LOVE THIS SONG A LOT. But Paul screwed up a few lines, stopped, and started over. He was so cute about it, he was all "It's been a long time since I wrote it...."
Jenny Wren
A new song, which everyone got up during and which, weirdly, got stuck in my head after the show.
For No One
Kind of obscure, but lovely.
Fixing a Hole
Again, a weird song choice, but it works.
I think this one's called "English Tea".
It's a new one, and it's pretty nice.
I'll Follow the Sun
I always forget how much I love this song until I hear it, but I do. It's kind of sad.
Another new one. It was okay.
This song was cute because he introduced it by saying the guitar part came from an accidental mutilation he and George used to do to this one instrumental.
Eleanor Rigby
I wanted him to do this one SO badly so I could tell Mrs. Long.
Too Many People
Awesome awesome awesome. Sadly, this is the song everyone believes he wrote against John, but whatever. I like it.
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
From Abbey Road. It's a good song.
Good Day Sunshine
He introduced this one by saying that this is the song they played to the astronauts as a way of telling them they could finally come back to Earth during the last space shuttle thing. It was really cool.
Band on the Run
For some reason, everyone just went crazy during this song. It's a good song and it was fun live.
Penny Lane
I've Got A Feeling
Totally a like, remix. He cut out most of the John parts until the end, when he took John's part and let his band take his part. It was good.
Back in the USSR
Hey Jude
I'd have never imagined I'd get to sing Hey Jude with Paul, but guess what, we did. I've always wanted to do the na-na-na-na part with him, like, live, and I GOT TO. I mean, you know, me and 18,000 other people, but still.
Live and Let Die
This song SCARED ME SENSELESS. He had these pyrotechnics, and THREE SEPERATE TIMES there was this big BOOM that made the old guy in front of me nearly die. It was painful. But the song was goooood. Sadly, after the song was over I saw some dude rush out clutching this tiny infant :( Seriously, WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MORON TAKES A NEWBORN TO A CONCERT??????????? Poor baby :(
I think the concert was supposed to be over now, but Paul always does encores so only a few dumb people left.
He can't not do this song.
Helter Skelter
Old man can still scream. <33
Get Back
Again, can't not do this one.
Let it Be
Please Please Me
Again, a JOHN song. But whatever, I love it. <33
He kept going away and then coming back. Before the last one, he was all "I have to go home now!" and we were all "No!!" and he was all "YOU have to go home!" and we were all "NOO!" and he was basically all "well, F U I'm tired" only in way different words.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band
The End
Another song he just has to do. The part that goes "Love you, Love you, Love you" he sang as "I really- Love you, I really- Love you, etc" which was so sweet. And then he said "SEE YOU ALL NEXT TIME!" And left. :(
At one point near the end some dude went running on the stage and grabbed him, and Paul's security guy was all "OMG GRAB!" like whoa. Like, seriously, that was FAST. Paul gave him a peace sign though. Paul's so cool like that.
And then the lights turned on and it was over. People kept leaving during the parts where he'd leave and then come back, and I was like WTF PEOPLE THE LIGHTS AREN'T ON HE'S TOTALLY COMING BACK, WHORES. I'm glad we stayed. :)
OH AND he totally waved to my mother. She was all *waves with both hands* and he was looking IN OUR DIRECTION and waved EXACTLY THE SAME WAY RIGHT BACK. I almost died.
38 songs without a break! I could have sworn we'd have an intermission, but nope. 38 songs straight through, because he is awesome.
I miss him. I wish he'd come back. He said "See you next time!" which means he just might. :)
"Whenever accidents happen, people always ask 'Do you do that every night?' and of course, noooo we don't." Oh my God, I just love him so much.

An article describing the event )

See you. <3 11:31 PM
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But first, I have to tell you about all of the awesome parts of my day. Copied and pasted from an IM with my lovely boyfriend, but no longer in IM format. I turned it into paragraphs! :) My day didn't suck )

P.S. I had to take Jessica home today. And Mrs. Long said "Tell Lord Paul I said hey, or whatever his name is" <33333 Mrs. Looong.

Ivyette <3 1:45 AM


Sep. 15th, 2005 10:40 pm
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Do you guys realize that I'm going to see Paul McCartney on Saturday? TWO DAYS FROM NOW? And he's going to be all, like, THERE, in the same place as me, like, IN THE SAME ROOM, AT THE SAME TIME, and we'll be like, OMGSOCLOSE????? Like, in the same place? 8 PM Saturday. St. Pete Times Forum, AKA the place where that Tampa hockey team plays. Let me reiterate that, in case you don't understand: I AM GOING TO SEE PAUL MCCARTNEY, LIVE IN CONCERT, AT EIGHT O'CLOCK P.M. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2005.
Once again: Me. Paul. Concert. Saturday at 8. OMGZ. I feel as nervous as I think I'm going to feel when I get married, with the added bonus of not having to lose weight for a dress.

In other news, Mrs. Merritt and the FBLA club thing have decided they'd like to sponsor a formal dance in the "winter". I'll keep you posted about the details. I'm not an FBLA member, but she's my teacher, so... yeah. Coincidentally, Mrs. Alleyne, my Algebra2 teacher, taught Mrs. Merritt when she was at Springstead. And today was Mrs. A's birthday. And Mrs. Merritt is getting a new puppy.
And I'm going to see Paul McCartney at 8 o'clock on Saturday, which is two days from now. In two days, I will be seeing Paul McCartney. Live. Like, singing. And I will be seeing him. And he will be there. OMGZ. *dies*
We'll try to smuggle a camera or something. To the concert which Paul will be playing at and which I will be attending. OMGZ, YOU GUYYYYYS. I'M GOING TO GO SEE PAUL MCCARTNEY IN LIKE... *can't do math* 44 HOURS! (I think.)

-Ivyette <3 10:58 PM
P.S. Hey, did you know? I'm going to a Paul concert on Saturday. :)


Jan. 24th, 2004 10:15 pm
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Help me out here. What does this song mean?

Love in Song
McCartney, copyright McCartney Music, Inc. 1975. Venus and Mars, Wings.

My heart cries out for love
and all that goes with loving
Love in song-love in song.

My, you're so fine
When love is mine
I can't go wrong
Love in song-love in song.

I can see the places that
we used to go to now
Happiness in the homeland

Happiness in the homeland

My eye cries out
a tear still born
Love in song-love in song

I can see the places that
we used to co to now
Happiness in the homeland

Happiness in the homeland

My you're so fine
When love is mine
I can't go wrong
Love in song-love in song-love in song.


Rock on lovers everywhere,
because that's basically it.
Paul McCartney, a quote on the back cover of Venus and Mars.

So anyway, I'm glad people liked my religion essay. I didn't realize that's what it was until after I wrote it... but I guess it is an essay.

I really was expecting flames from retarded closed-minded born-again Christians saying "Ure goin 2 hell u siner n i haet u cuz ure stoopid n dum n ure goin 3 hell dye dei deiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111 kthnxbi"


I think I like compliments better. :)

*adores comments*
Ivyette @ 10:28 PM
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Lyrics courtesy www.letssingit.com.
Since this song always brings me to tears, I thought I'd do my interpretaion of it. It's gonna be pretty accurate... not that I'm arrogant, but I know Paul better than a lot of people.

So here we go.
"Here Today" Paul McCartney. Writing credits: McCartney. 1982. On album Tug of War.
Note: This song is from Paul to John. Paul and George both wrote tributes to John after his death.

And if I say,
I really knew you well what would your answer be?
If you were here today

He's trying to sum up and tie together all his memories of John from when he was 16 and first met John until he died when he was 38. (John was 18 and 40, respectively.)

Ooh- Ooh- Ooh, here to-day.

Well knowing you,
you'd probably laugh and say that we were worlds apart.
If you were here today

John would laugh. He'd tell Paul that he was nuts, but he'd also know that Paul was probably kind of right.

Ooh- Ooh- Ooh, here to-day.

But as for me,
I still remember how it was before,
and I am holding back these tears no more

Paul is saying that he remembers the way things were when it was just John Paul and George playing until 4 in the morning in Hamburg and all that stuff from before they were famous. And now that he doesn't hate John anymore, he can dwell on the memories, and that makes him cry. (still does.)

Ooh- Ooh Ooh, I love you, Ooh. They never said this to each other out loud, but always thought it, so now that John is gone, Paul wants to tell him he's not afraid to say it anymore.

What about the time we met?
Well, I suppose that you could say that we were playing hard to get.
John debated having him in the group; Paul debated joining, but they both really wanted to play together.
Didn't understand a thing,
but we could always sing.

They were kids and didn't understand the world the way it was or the things that happened to them, but they could always get together and play and work on their music and forget about the rest of the world... this is probably from their teen years together.

What about the night we cried,
beacuse there were no reasons left to keep it all inside?

This probably means one of those nights when they just couldn't take it anymore, you know, an American tour and the hassles of being John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and relationship troubles and all that crap... John once was putting on stage makeup before a concert when he looked at himself in the mirror and said, "I wish I could paint on a smile." Paul knows John hated it and they both did, so they cried. Easy enough.
Didn't understood a word,
but you were alwas there - with a smile.

They kinda grew apart in their Beatles years, so John didn't always know what was going on in Paul's life- case in point, Hey Jude. John thought it was about Jane Asher; it was about John's own son, Julian. But John was always ready to tell a joke and laugh and smile, and people liked that, especially his "brother" Paul.

And if I say,
I really loved you and was glad you came along.
If you were here today.

He's glad John came into his life and he loves him. he's also sorry he acted to bastardish in the years before John's death. His guilt is coming through.

Ooh- Ooh- Ooh, for you were in my song. He's saying that because he sang about John, he's here with him again.

Ooh- Ooh- Ooh, here to-day.

The end.

I really love this song.
Ivyette @ 10:22 PM
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I can't stop going on about how much I absolutely love London Town, so I'm going to post the lyrics, typed by me since I have them in front of me, to a very sweet song, possibly one of the sweetest I've ever heard. THE sweetest song is hands down Here, There, and Everywhere, another Paul McCartney song, but there you go. The saddest, angsty-est, meanest, most full-of-hatred songs are John Lennon songs. The most backward, weird, spiritual, repetitive songs are George Harrison's, and the cutest, most nonsensical songs are Ringo's. I love them all so very much :)

I'm Carrying
By dawn's first light I'll come back to your room again
With my carnation hidden by the packages
I'm carrying, something
I'm carrying something for you

Ah, long time no see baby, sure has been a while
And if my reappearance lacks a sense of style
I'm carrying, something
I'm carrying something for you

I'm carrying
I'm carrying, can't help it

I'm carrying
I'm carrying something for you.

Ok, so maybe it's the music that makes it so sweet, but still...

~~~~~~~~There is room at the top, they are telling you still,
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill.~~~~~~~~
-John Lennon, Working Class Hero

-Ivyette @ 2:43 PM
P.S. Where's Bianca?? She's usually on by now...

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