Jun. 11th, 2012 06:03 am
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guess who has been dying to catch something on television for literal months

it airs all the time, but she has never seen it yet

this time she decided she'd make the website showing the next airing HER HOMEPAGE

you know, in an effort to thwart the fact that she KEEPS MISSING IT EVERY SINGLE TIME

guess who knew it was coming on on Monday at 3 AM and has been checking the website every day for over a week

guess who just missed the latest airing of this television program






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As you all probably know, I met Alton Brown at a signing once. He was super nice. I met the author of Running out of Time, Margaret Peterson Haddix, when she came to my school and signed my book. She was nice and her little talk was influential later when I decided to become a writer (LOL WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THAT). Paul McCartney waved to my mother once.

Mostly I only ever see famous people in concerts, and for those I usually go big or go home (Adam, Kylie, Paul, Ringo) so I never get to meet anyone because they're like superstars. I'd like to meet a baseball player one of these days.

-8:50 AM

wait wait edit: I hope I never meet Cerabergfield because that would just be awkward. "You know for awhile I was legitimately convinced you were the same person as-" "I know, I know, that Cera dude, UGH." "No, that guy who was in the movie with you who you look nothing like. I am so sorry, Michael. I MEAN ANDREW. I MEAN. OH SCREW IT I DON'T EVEN LIKE ANY OF YOU."


May. 9th, 2011 04:09 am
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I've had a horrifically busy weekend. All week my mother and I cooked/baked for a family brunch on Saturday, which started at 11 and didn't end until about 9. I'd spent Friday night watching Monster High webisodes until 3 AM because I am stupid, so I didn't get much sleep plus I think I'm battling a slight sinus infection? I can't really tell. I went swimming and played whatever it is you play when you have raquets and beat the little plastic ball thing over a net, plus I threw/kicked a football and played with a frisbee thing. I am terrible at all of these games. Then Boyfriend and I went to Chili's and then chilled at his house watching Oddities until like 3, because we are stupid.

Then on Sunday, which was today, I had to get up early again (see? STUPID) for another brunch, this time a fancy expensive buffet at a country club. Which was good. There's loads of food I like there, so I was happy.



K BAI. <3
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Jan. 25th, 2011 04:17 am
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Let's talk about how awesome my life is rn/how awesome this year will be:


~New Gaga song came out recently. Just a remix of a song from the new album, BUT STILL. May is going to be such a good month. And Born This Way comes out so soon! On my mother's birthday, in fact.

~New Britney too!

~Maybe even new Kylie but idk about that.

~Valentine's Day is soon and I have someone to spend it with.

~My Hello Kitty nail polish is awesome rn. My nails are just the perfect length/shape and it is awesome.

~I'm getting into Girls Aloud (again). HOW ARE THEY SO AWESOME. And hot. How are they so hot? Mysteries of life.

~AMERICAN IDOL STARTED AGAIN AND THIS SEASON IS ALREADY AWESOME. I love J.Lo so much. I feel like she's my long-lost aunt. Her sense of humor is like exactly like my family's and some of her inflections are even like ours. And we're not even Hispanic. (We're Italian and she comes from the same neighborhood my parents are from. Which isn't nearly as bad as she makes it sound sometimes.) Of course ontd_ai makes it even better. It's just so much fun to watch it with a big group.

~I'm following the best tumblrs rn. So many gorgeous picturesjsdfhsjdf.

~My team signed two big names who could potentially be awesome. SUDDENLY THE TEAM DOESN'T SUCK ANYMORE. I mean, they're old and there's a good possibility they won't be awesome, but right now I have hope. And that feels good after the gutting the team had in the offseason. So many of my favorite players left.

~It's one of Boyfriend's best friend's birthdays on Friday and we're going to Gasparilla (which is like Florida's Mardi Gras). BEADSSSSSS. I've never been before and I am so excited but I have nothing hot to weaaaaar and I'm the hottest girl so I need to step up my game. I am so not used to being the hottest in a group. The natural order of the world is all off-kilter rn.

~I love neopets.


-4:15 AM




Jan. 16th, 2011 09:08 pm
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I'm kind of in denial. I keep forgetting I even got the tickets, probably because I keep whining that I'm poor and then I just dropped 174 dollars on Kylie Minogue tickets. Boyfriend will pay me back half, but still. BUT STILL. KYLIE WILL SING ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS AND I WILL DIE I'M ACTUALLY TEARING UP THINKING ABOUT IT. See, this is why I'm not thinking about it: I get too excited.

~I'm a mod at ontd_ai now. ASJHDJSDFHJKDSFHJKDSF. I have loads of plans for next season (and plans for S8 fans, too. I haven't forgotten Kris and Adam and everyone.) idk why _bl thinks I hate them, because I don't and they're welcome to come play whenever they want. ANYWAY ILU _AI. AND [livejournal.com profile] odontv ILU FOR BELIEVING IN ME.

~I met Boyfriend's weird nerdy friends on Friday night. They're weird and nerdy but so, so sweet. I had more to say but... I forget it all. Oh, but they dragged us to karaoke (neither I nor Boyfriend sang) and they had Fox Sports Florida on so the bar could watch the hockey game... and commercials for Idol full of J.Lo and Steven Tyler and Randy looking pained kept coming on during the worst singers, and I couldn't stop laughing.

-9:02 PM
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There's a presale for Kylie tickets tonight. I was going to borrow my father's credit card for the AMEX presale (I only have a Visa) but apparently there's a different presale for Kylie mailing list members. SJHJSGDFJHGFJHSGADDD HDGHFFFFF SDJFHDSGF DHSFGFGFGFGFGFGFGHSDGF.

I can't even tell you what it means to me to have her coming not only to the US, but to someplace within easy driving distance (Orlando). I have a tendency to like things that aren't popular, or aren't popular anymore, or are popular but not where I live or within my group of friends. I never expected her to ever come here and I'm kind of hyperventilating.

I swear I had other news, but nope. so kbai ilu all!

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Dec. 22nd, 2010 06:50 pm
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Jun. 29th, 2010 12:23 am
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So the new Kylie Album, Aphrodite (in stores July 5th, July 6th in the US, go buy it pleasepleaseplease) leaked a few days ago.



I just. It's everything I wanted, and stuff I didn't know I wanted but I did, and more. Smooth, lush production, excellent vocals, dancey poppy goodness with some softer ballady things that still have an edge thanks to the synths... I'm just so thrilled with it. I needed this.

So much of it is made up of songs that I'm convinced the universe made just for me. I'm still waiting for leaks of the Japanese bonus track, and the iTunes bonus track. But the All The Lovers b-sides Go Hard or Go Home and the Spanish version, Los Amores, are fantastic too. And even the track that leaked that was still in demo form a few months back, Love Love Love, is, well, love love love. The only thing that can make this better is if she actually gets success here and maybe even tours someplace near where I live.

Let me dream.

Speaking of awesome things happening, Futurama finally came back! And the new episodes (they showed the first 2) were as good as the old ones! There's no awkwardness or anything. Maybe a little more craziness since they're on Comedy Central now and can do it, but still. It's as good as it always was, and it's great to have it back.

The Brandon Flowers single, Crossfire, finally leaked in HQ. FINALLY. This single was produced by the same guy who executive produced Kylie's album. All things in my life are interconnected, I guess.

Now I wanna go play sims.

-12:22 AM


Jun. 24th, 2010 11:56 pm
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This entry will probably be disconnected word-vomit. I have things to say but they're all competing.

Also, I'm going to talk about bad car crashes in this entry, so if that triggers you, I won't be offended if you scroll.

My father totalled his car yesterday. He's fine (he says he's sore, he didn't go to the hospital but he says he feels alright, so whatev) but his poor little car is smushed.

My online friends probably don't know this, but, adorably, my parents both have the same car. They're not really matchy cute people, but somehow they ended up with the same car. His had a spoiler and slightly larger wheels but they're the same color. In November, a few days before my birthday, my mother was hit while driving her car (she was also fine, and it was the other lady's fault unquestionably). Her car made it out alive (she claims it's not the same, but it feels the same to me).

I'm sad to see Daddy's car go. So is he. They're good cars. They got my parents out of their car crashes alive and mostly unharmed (Mama sees a chiropracter, one of the good ones I mean, not a scammy one, but she's almost done with that now.) Daddy says his wasn't his fault, and the body shop guy said the other guy had to have been speeding. I saw the pictures. I agree with Bodyshop Guy. How the hell did he get out of that car without ANY injuries? He has a heart condition! I'm not usually superstitious but it was my uncle's birthday. My dead uncle (my mother's brother), who died in a horrific car crash in 2003. I'm just saying, you guys. I'm just saying. (I also woke up like right around when it happened, somehow. And before my mother's crash I said to her she shouldn't leave the house- I just had a feeling. She should have listened since I'm usually right and she has the same ~feelings, but she didn't. We're totes psychic you guys.)

Why am I tearing up right now? I don't know. Usually I can understand my emotions even when they aren't logical, but I don't know exactly why I've been all teary since yesterday. It's just one of those things, I guess. Involuntary reaction to my father's car being totalled (I'm one of Those People who gets irrationally attached to objects, especially large machinery like computers and cars, so the car dying is hitting me hard, and in a related story I direct you to this entry where I discuss my childhood car and how much I still miss it) and my father being alive and not dead, and it being my uncle's birthday, and the fact that I've been feeling weird for the past few weeks is probably all spilling together.

Speaking of my dead uncle, I always think about my dead family members and how much I wish I had gotten to talk to them as an adult. Not that I have anything specific to say, just that I wish I knew them the way my parents knew them. I wish I knew my paternal grandmother (who died when I was 9) as more than a sickly old lady. I wish I remembered my paternal grandfather the way he was when I was little, not the way he was when I was 15 and he had dementia. I wish I could talk to my uncle, because we have stuff in common now (like baseball). I don't know where I'm going with this.

My father has another car (why do two adults need three cars? I mean, I can't drive, so idek) but he'd rather not drive it, it's a Cadillac and the maintenence/gas is expensive. He might trade it in for a new more sensible car, or just buy another car (again, why two cars? idek. We have two houses, the second one inherited from the dead grandparents, so there's room, but still.)

My other uncle just left. He wasn't even staying in my house, but he's just one of those exhausting people (he and his brother were like complete opposites, it's funny.) Now that he's gone and I've written this big cathartic entry maybe I can get back to writing and feeling normal. Timsey soon! Maybe! I hope!

Also new Kylie CD soon. I'm dying, you guys. DYING. And new Futurama started today! AND IT WAS SO GOOD. Like they'd never been cancelled. I was expecting it to be different but it feels exactly the same. It's just everything I hoped for. I'm relieved and excited and so happy. If the Rays would start winning again (and they won today!) this summer will be a good one. Fingers crossed, loves.

-11:55 PM


May. 14th, 2010 12:18 am
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-12:18 AM

ps British radio sucks


Apr. 25th, 2010 11:16 pm
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-Kylie released a small snippet of her new single, All The Lovers, the release date of the single, the album title and cover (Aphrodite). The snippet sounds fantastic, the title sounds cool, the album name is gorgeous, the cover art is spectacular. I was so worried I wouldn't like it (some of Kylie's stuff leaves me a bit cold, if you can believe that). Last time I was this anxious about an album release I was thoroughly disappointed (I've never mentioned it before, but I never really liked Kris's album, and loathe Live Like We're Dying... even if I do leave it on on the radio out of loyalty), but even after hearing the snippet and seeing the cover I'm still so excited I could explode, so that's good. A Kylie song leaked last week or two weeks ago or something called Love Love Love which I also really, really like. Plus the crappiest possible quality of a long-unheard unused song for her 1994 album leaked and that sounded good too (her albums from the mid-90s are my least favorite, so this was a pleasant surprise.) I hope it leaks in good quality soon.

-I'm officially a Little Monster. I am a huuuuuuge Gaga fan. I'm so happy they chose Alejandro as the next single, I love it.

-Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday. I took him to Chili's and gave him a copy of my favorite Kylie album (Light Years). Then we watched a British show I like that's on on Saturday nights that Kylie guest starred on in the 90s and I flailed about seeing her on US tv.

-I feel like there must be more to say, but there isn't. Oh! I got my Adam/Rays tickets in the mail and flailed. They're on the bulletin board rn. I can't wait for September.

-I still love my sims.

-11:15 PM

Eh eh

Mar. 29th, 2010 12:13 am
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er, why am I here again?

lol I forget. Anyway, I'm so ready for April. Soooooo ready for warmer weather on a more predictable scale, BASEBAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL SEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSOOOOOOOOOON, and... er, I think that's it. But it's still exciting.

Plus it may hold new single news for Kylieeeeeee. Her album is going to come out around June, or so whisper the ~insiders~, so we should get more concrete news in April at least. And Gaga's releasing Alejandro as a singleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SO EXCITED I LOVE THAT SONG SFM.

I know a lot of Kylie fans would haaaaate it but if Gaga and Kylie did something together for some reason I would DIE. I would die so dead. Just explode in a million dead pieces.

I think Paul's also touring but I suspect I will be missing out on that. Tickets, even the cheaper ones, cost something like the price of a small reliable used car, so... that's out of the question.

In eyelid news, it got worse yesterday but today seems mostly normal. It still hurts a teensy bit if I poke it but if I ignore it I forget anything's wrong so I think by tomorrow it'll be okay.

I also just replied to Dannii on twitter. I'm getting better at this celebrity tweeting stuff. :D

By the way, my twitter name is Ivyette (which is the same as my username on last.fm). If for some reason you want to add me on either site, that would be lovely.

-12:11 AM

WAIT WAIT I FORGOT. One last happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] odontv!! <333


Mar. 10th, 2010 12:25 am
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] thissinkingboat.

Pick your 6 current favorite bands/singers.
1. The first song of theirs that you heard
2. The song that made you love them / that you'll always love
3. Your current favorite

1. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
2. Real Love (song that's my all time favorite... there is no one song that made me love them, duh)
3. Here Comes The Sun

Kris Allen
1. lol idek. Whatever he did first on the show.
2. Falling Slowly studio version... I listened to it like 1283012983 times.
3. Alright With Me

Kylie Minogue
1. Cherry Bomb
2. In My Arms
3. Extraordinary Day (Taprobane)

Dannii Minogue
1. So Under Pressure
2. Disremembrance
3. Put The Needle On It

Wings/Paul Solo (It all kind of blends together for me)
1. Maybe I'm Amazed
2. The entire Venus and Mars album.
3. Junk

Adam Lambert
1. His show stuff all blends together for me... I actually didn't like him much on the show. Thought he was sweet but hated his song choices.
2. If I Had You
3. Pick U Up


George Solo/Travelling Wilburys
1. All Things Must Pass
2. All Those Years Ago
3. Handle Me With Care

Ringo Solo:
1. Photograph
2. Photograph
3. ...Photograph! I love all of his stuff, obviously, but this one pulls on my heart the way few other songs by any artist do.

John Solo:
1. Give Peace A Chance
2. Imagine
3. He's my favorite so this is weird, but not really any right now.

Kish Mauve:
1. 2 Hearts (song that Kylie covered)
2. You Make Me Feel (written by Kylie)
3. Modern Love

1. Prelude
2. End Of The Rainbow
3. September All Over

Victoria Beckham:
1. Let Your Head Go
2. Gone
3. I O U

-12:28 AM


Feb. 18th, 2010 12:00 am
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-September will have a new single out in April (!!!!!)
-Kylie says new album for the "summer" whenever that means (which likely means a new single before thaaaat eeeek)
-Still love the Kylie leaaaaks <333 and am downloading some songs of September's I've never heard before
-Two of the girls I liked on Idol made it to the top 24 (Siobhan and Lily... Lilly? idk) and one I liked didn't but that's okay, I'll probably forget who she is soon. I already don't remember her name.

...that's about it :)

-12:00 AM


Feb. 15th, 2010 11:00 am
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2 things:
Kylie says her album should be ready for "summer". ASDKADK WHAT DOES THAT MEAN THO. SUMMER IS A LOT OF MONTHS.

plz hurry, Kyles.

Also I have a snuggie now. This is another one of those products that the universe spit out just for me. It's even bubblegum pink.

I won't wear it in public, tho, because that is ridiculously stupid.

-ivybsnuggieflower@10:59 AM


Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:24 pm
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THREE new-old Kylie tracks leaked today from the demo sessions of her last album, X (which is also my favorite album). There's an infamous set of 3 CDRs with 49 demos (some of which ended up on the album) that Kylie fans have been DYING to get their hands on. Including me. One of the songs surfaced as a remix (Sexual Gold) but we've never had any of the demos unremixed, so I'm so excited to hear them (haven't yet because mama is still awake and it's rude to sit here with headphones.)


also I dunno if I've mentioned it, but Dannii is pregnant. EEEE BABY MINOGUE

-10:23 PM


Jan. 15th, 2010 08:37 pm
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I'm thinking of prettying up my profile. I noticed all my new ontd_ai frienz (HAI) all have like, colorbars and stuff. And my fanciest thing is some bold text and a link to my neopets referral. Not sure what I'd include, tho. Probably... like everything I like. I already have my signature pic from my favorite Kylie forum (it's all ten of her studio albums, colored pink) that I could use. I could string together some of the ancient Beatles icons I made way back when I made this default. Same for Sailor Moon and HP. And the Rays. And possibly even my favorite sims (Anna is my special favorite, so you can see what she looks like.) And Lemony Snicket. Hmm. AND IDOL, of course. :D

Why do they always cut the hair so short on What Not To Wear? Not every single woman needs to have it so short. Long hair can be pretty and flattering, ffs. Short hair looks great but they never seem to give them good short cuts. Bleh.

I need to clean my bathroom, also. Will do soon.

-ivybinterestflower @ 8:35 PM


Jan. 12th, 2010 05:27 am
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I got tagged by [livejournal.com profile] thatcontagious, so:

FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

SECOND: Tag six sexy people. Don't refuse to do that like a pansy. Unless you really don't want to of course. And if you're not tagged and you want to do it, then do!

Yeah, not tagging anyone, sry.
Cut! )

kbai <3 haven't been sleeping well lately... let's see how it goes.

-5:25 AM


Jan. 12th, 2010 12:10 am
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Random thoughts not about cold weather:
~I put facebook in pirate. It's so much cooler now, it makes me giggle. I really only use facebook for like, farmville though. I almost never see a new message when it comes until I realize something's been sitting in my inbox for a week. Um, oops?
~No news yet on when Kylie's album is coming out. I'm pretty desperate for new Kylie. I'm still disappointed she didn't come to Florida (but then, she's such a non-entity here the US is lucky we got her at all. And she did release a digital download of the show, so.)
~Simon's leaving Idol to do an American X Factor. I have a feeling it'll fail pretty hard, but eh. I'll watch it.
~It's insane how realistic sims (in sims 2... sims 3 are just uncanny valley fat and weird and kind of look like there's something wrong with them... which is the uncanny valley principle, after all; we fear things that are almost human, and sims 3 definitely gives me the creeps) can be. I have a Britney Spears and a Drew Barrymore that are insanely like the real things, but somehow without that weird creepy factor that sims 3 has for me. Which is also why I'm glad they speak Simlish and not English, that would just be too weird.
~I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance.
~Possible severe weather this weekend... and the temperature will be climbing back up by then, too. Florida is insane. But this winter is definitely going on record as one of our worst ever. They said in Tampa it had been below 60 for 9 consecutive days; the last record was 7 days in like the 50s. Insane.
~Facebook is strangely insistant that I talk to one person, but I have no idea why they picked her out of all of my friends. It's weird.

Mk... 25 degrees. Bleh. I miss not having to wear so many layers, and I miss slushies and ice cream :( I've had SUCH a slushie craving. I haven't had one since sometime in December.

-ivybcoldflower @ 12:09 AM

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