Jan. 2nd, 2012 07:34 am
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Happy New Year!

My resolution is to listen to all the music I've downloaded and not listened to. Easy.

Also, get moar dolls. I found a recipe for modelling clay online and it's super simple, so I'll try making a body for Bee this weekend! yay!

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Dec. 26th, 2011 05:38 am
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Have you ever been awake so long that you don't even care anymore that you're tired? Like after awhile you go beyond tiredness and just stop needing sleep? I am there.

My presents this year weren't very many, because I am an adult and I don't need anything. I am fine with this. My grandparents gave us a Chili's gift card and a bracelet. My mother got me a black long sleeve shirt, which I needed, and some Hello Kitty pajamas, which, YESSSSSSSS. Warm HK pajamas, guys! She also gave me makeup and a few different ~nail art~ things that I'll be honest probably will suck but I'm excited to play with them anyway. Who knows, they might not suck! My father got me the book James Shields wrote (he's a pitcher on my baseball team). Actually all the presents are supposed to be from both of them but you can tell who picked out what. I also got socks and some Hello Kitty ornaments and things. Oh, and a mini AquaPet. Unlike the more expensive ones, these ones don't have water and don't dance, but you can take them out and they'll talk back to you in their language. We got it because it's blue and named Muki and we have a blue parakeet named Mookie.

Boyfriend got me a diamond bracelet :D And a few trinketty things including a Lalaloopsy playset. Now I have three Lalaloopsies. I'm planning on fixing up the top of the dresser my dolls currently live on so they'll have a nice neat area. It'll be 5 Monster High dolls (six as soon as Cupid comes, which is soon because she's been released! And she's much cuter than her prototypes, guys! She even has hearts in her pupils and her bone wings/spine are bone colored and super detailed and are detachable! Her bracelet/ring isn't a combination like I thought but who cares? CUPID IS COMING! Er, as soon as I can find her in a Walmart, anyway.)

Boyfriend's parents gave us a Chili's giftcard too and they also gave me a keychain with their last initial, which I guess is a hint? They also got one for his brother's finacee (IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE MY WEDDINGGGGGGG), so.

I tried green bean casserole for the first time in my life. It's not bad, but it could use some jazzing up. In other firsts news, I saw A Christmas Story all the way through for the first time, also. It's, you know, eh. I think it has to be a childhood tradition movie. If you watch it as an adult for the first time, unless you're being nostalgic for the time period it's set in, it just doesn't really do much for you. But it's still cute. I also grew up in Florida so the snow stuff kind of flies over my head.

So, it was a good Christmas. I always say I'll take pictures of stuff, and maybe I will this time.

p.s. it was 79 degrees today.
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Happy Hanukkah, Jewish friends! ILU <3

obvs I can't really answer this since I'm not Jewish, but I've always loved the candle-lighting part. The part where all the blue stuff (which is Jewish stuff bscly, you know it's what the stores are thinking, let's be real here) for the holiday season is always stuffed into one little like ~JEWISH AND ATHEIST CORNER~ amid the miles and miles of Christmas decorations is kind of sad.

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Nov. 6th, 2011 04:26 am
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So I never post here about my actual life despite this being my journal, and all. So bscly I have gotten through (I don't want to say "over" because that trivializes it for me and for everyone else who suffers) whatever bout of depression I had had for about a month there. (seriously, it was so awful.) But I feel mostly normal now! Except now I have a month of laziness to pick up after. My room looks like a warzone and I still don't really feel up to it :(

I have four Monster High dolls now: Draculaura and Frankie, plus the Gloom Beach version of Clawdeen, which is cheaper and comes with less but is still really worth it, and the basic Ghoulia, who is PERFECT. Like all nerdy girls want to believe they're Ghoulia. She wears awesome glasses and has awesome hair and wears a piano key belt and a shirt with cherries and a cute necklace and fishnet arm warmers and has knee-hight black, white, and red converse sneakers that, by the way, are like 6 inch heels. And pink zipper-pull earrings. And a diary with a bonus bookmark! eeeeeee. Clawdeen's 80s-looking rainbow cheetah print bathingsuit is a one-piece with a shorts-looking bottom with a cute (sadly attached) belt, and a removable also 80s-looking pink and black striped top. She has 4 earrings: pink, purple, blue, and green. And her hair is streaked with purple! Therefore she is cooler than the other Clawdeen I thought I wanted. Her hair is so frizzy I had to put it in pigtails with elastic bands from her packaging but that's okay. She also came with sunglasses, a frisbee, and a postcard. Oh, and shoes, too, and a brush and a stand, because Monster High dolls come with everything they need. Ghoulia has a stand and brush too, and also a purse that looks like a cassette tape, and her little owl named Sir Hoots-a-Lot who clips on her arm. Oh and did I mention Ghoulia has sparkly eyeshadow like Draculaura? They could have totally skimped on her eye makeup because of her giant glasses, but nope.

We went to Toys R Us last week and I spotted a single Ghoulia behind all the other dolls. Then Boyfriend confessed he'd already ordered one, so being the kind and benevolent person I am, I tucked her back in the back, where I'm pretty sure someone had deliberately hidden her. I hope whoever it was went back and found her! So that night I got the only Clawdeen they had. Then this weekend I got my Ghoulia! So now I have four and I think that's plenty, for now. I put Clawdeen in a pair of Barbie jeans that are super old over her bathing suit, because it's cold! She looks kind of 90s with her little belly shirt and giant baggy jeans.

I Ghoulia and Clawdeen the little bracelets I'd made for them forever ago so now all four of them have matching friendship bracelets. ...yeah, in my spare time I make doll bracelets. This is my life.

Anyway, I also tasted lobster and cried, but I ate a whole shrimp without gagging!

I've been taking a multivitamin (with hair supplement) for a few months now, and also started taking extra (completely safe, don't worry) hair supplement. The result has been my eyelashes are growing like weeds. I know I've mentioned it before, but now even my bottom lashes are getting into it and there's a definite noticable change in how they look without any makeup. This is important news, okay. Better I talk about this than depressing things, right? Also my bangs are getting longer. Which isn't a surprise, because hair does grow, but still, I'm happy. I really hate my bangs :(

I forget if I even mentioned this but my grandmother tripped and broke her foot. She's getting all gloom and doom like ~this is the beginning of the end~ but really, she didn't lose her balance because she's old or got dizzy or fainted or anything, she just tripped. She's being stubborn and not really letting her foot heal properly, but I hope she does soon because diabetics can lose their feet if they aren't careful.

anyways have I mentioned here that Boyfriend makes me play Magic with him? (and I like it?) I should document that in case future Ivy comes to read about her life. (hi, self! HAVE YOU HAD BABIES YET?)

I still collect Hello Kitty stuff too but they don't have any in the Target dollar section so my collecting has dwindled. Which is just as well because I don't need to hoard any more. I did get a tiny package of stickers from the cards/games section at Walmart though (Boyfriend was buying moar magic!11).

oh! Walmart had their Halloween costumes on sale so I got a Draculaura outfit. It fits because I'm short. I'd worried that I'd be too fat, but it fits! So now I have a costume for next year, assuming I can find pink boots by then. Heh.

oh, one last thing, I hope I get one of those cheap mini Lalaloopsy dolls for my birthday. HAPPY BIRTH MONTH TO ME~~ because as you all know I'm obnoxious about my birthday and I celebrate the whole month because I am obnoxious.


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May. 21st, 2011 12:13 am
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Apr. 24th, 2011 12:11 am
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If you're over 18, gtfo. Let the kids have fun.

Of course, candy is for everyone. mmmmmmmmcandy.

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Mar. 17th, 2010 09:12 am
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Continuing the semi-proud tradition of posting crude stick-figure-esque pictures for holidays, whenever I actually remember to, I introduce, for the first year ever, the very special Ivy B. Greenflower Shamrock! Behold! ST. P would be proud.

-ivybcloverflower @ 9:11 AM

Edit, 10:22 PM:

That looks more like a butterfly with a long tail. Also I should have signed "ivybgreenclover". That would have made more sense. Hmm.


Mar. 14th, 2010 04:03 am
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I forgot to stop in and say the March 4th joke, but, you know. Happy Pi day and happy Daylight Savings Time. YAY SUNLIGHT :D

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I suspect we will be using these new wonderful gadgets called refrigerators, oh how good they are at keeping Ma's pie cold! And our convection oven, so much better than fire! And our microwave, I reckon we'll use that for some of the smaller things, I do so love that heaty-device thinger!

What a silly question. :P

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Sep. 19th, 2009 04:50 am
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Arrrrrrrrrrrrr. :D

(It's talk like a pirate day!)

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Jul. 4th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Happy 4th everyone! :D

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Jun. 21st, 2009 06:05 pm
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I don't love having heat exhaustion (WTF), but I guess that must have been my fault. Still, SUMMERRRRRR!

Oh also, happy Father's Day. My mother and I bought my father a coin with dirt from the old Shea Stadium (where his team played and where the Beatles played) because they tore the stadium down and he loved that stadium like whoa. So we bought him some dirt. He loves it, he showed it off to some visiting cousins and he took it with him to work. So that's good. :)

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Dec. 18th, 2008 01:53 am
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You Are Merry and Spontaneous

You approach the holidays with joy and playfulness.

You refuse to let the holidays be stressful. They should only be about fun.

The holidays truly make you feel like a kid again.

And you believe it's your job to make everyone else feel like a kid too!

Of all the types, you're the most likely to give someone a gift early... because you can't wait.

You're also the most likely to wrap your presents quickly - or not at all.

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Nov. 27th, 2008 12:02 pm
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Uh, insert cute turkey picture here, or something, I guess, and everyone else enjoy having a normal holiday.


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Happy Holidays!!!!
Later on I'll post the Christmas picture I made like two Christmasses ago.
<3! Have a safe and happy holiday season.
-Ivyette @ 2:48 AM

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