Nov. 16th, 2013 01:12 am
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hi livejournal

I never update you anymore. I am sorry.

Today in the shower I scratched my eyebrows and a bunch of eyebrow hairs fell out and it made me think what if I lost my eyebrows??? So while I was thinking about that I picked up the conditioner and then freaked out thinking my hair had all gone because it was so slick there felt like a lot less of it. Then I realized I'd used conditioner before shampoo and on the wrong part of my head and I felt better. I PANICKED SO HARD YOU GUYS.

but srsly what if I lost my eyebrows that would be weird


Jun. 3rd, 2012 06:55 am
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just found my second gray hair.

you can take me out back and put me out of my misery now.


Nov. 14th, 2011 02:37 am
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so I was waiting for sims to load, right, so I could create some sims so I could then save and exit and fix their character files, right

so I brushed my hair, a favorite past time, and while I was watching the light bounce off in that way that my hair does that is perfect, I found a hair that was very much not mine sitting serenely with the rest of them. I thought maybe one of my mother's blonde hairs had found its way onto my head, because she sheds and I find blonde hairs all over the place, so one getting caught in my hair brush is not unusual. I tugged at it. To my horror, I felt a pain in the back of my head. I pulled again. Still the same result: this hair that could not possibly be mine was growing out the back of my own head. It was shorter than its sisters, and much more wiry, going off on its own to have little hair adventures. It was just sitting there like some little hair changeling, like it's clearly not mine but it's sitting here pretending it is.

Also, it's white. I have a white hair that is growing out of my own scalp. I ran to my mother. "I HAVE A GRAY HAIR."

Paragon of sympathy that she is, she laughed. I showed her and she assured me that it's just a hair without pigment, which totes happens sometimes and is not in any way a gray hair or a sign of my own swiftly approaching elderhood.

I mean, it probably isn't a gray hair so much as a hair that just got its wires crossed when it was trying to remember what color it's supposed to be (starting out shiny almost black and then as it grows, a deep rich melted chocolate color highlighted perfectly), but STILL. I have a white hair! ME! I am so ashamed right now I don't even know what to do with myself. I don't know if I want to live in a world where every single hair on my head is not perfect tbh.

(if you're taking this entry super srsly you need to reconsider our friendship)

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Nov. 6th, 2011 04:26 am
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So I never post here about my actual life despite this being my journal, and all. So bscly I have gotten through (I don't want to say "over" because that trivializes it for me and for everyone else who suffers) whatever bout of depression I had had for about a month there. (seriously, it was so awful.) But I feel mostly normal now! Except now I have a month of laziness to pick up after. My room looks like a warzone and I still don't really feel up to it :(

I have four Monster High dolls now: Draculaura and Frankie, plus the Gloom Beach version of Clawdeen, which is cheaper and comes with less but is still really worth it, and the basic Ghoulia, who is PERFECT. Like all nerdy girls want to believe they're Ghoulia. She wears awesome glasses and has awesome hair and wears a piano key belt and a shirt with cherries and a cute necklace and fishnet arm warmers and has knee-hight black, white, and red converse sneakers that, by the way, are like 6 inch heels. And pink zipper-pull earrings. And a diary with a bonus bookmark! eeeeeee. Clawdeen's 80s-looking rainbow cheetah print bathingsuit is a one-piece with a shorts-looking bottom with a cute (sadly attached) belt, and a removable also 80s-looking pink and black striped top. She has 4 earrings: pink, purple, blue, and green. And her hair is streaked with purple! Therefore she is cooler than the other Clawdeen I thought I wanted. Her hair is so frizzy I had to put it in pigtails with elastic bands from her packaging but that's okay. She also came with sunglasses, a frisbee, and a postcard. Oh, and shoes, too, and a brush and a stand, because Monster High dolls come with everything they need. Ghoulia has a stand and brush too, and also a purse that looks like a cassette tape, and her little owl named Sir Hoots-a-Lot who clips on her arm. Oh and did I mention Ghoulia has sparkly eyeshadow like Draculaura? They could have totally skimped on her eye makeup because of her giant glasses, but nope.

We went to Toys R Us last week and I spotted a single Ghoulia behind all the other dolls. Then Boyfriend confessed he'd already ordered one, so being the kind and benevolent person I am, I tucked her back in the back, where I'm pretty sure someone had deliberately hidden her. I hope whoever it was went back and found her! So that night I got the only Clawdeen they had. Then this weekend I got my Ghoulia! So now I have four and I think that's plenty, for now. I put Clawdeen in a pair of Barbie jeans that are super old over her bathing suit, because it's cold! She looks kind of 90s with her little belly shirt and giant baggy jeans.

I Ghoulia and Clawdeen the little bracelets I'd made for them forever ago so now all four of them have matching friendship bracelets. ...yeah, in my spare time I make doll bracelets. This is my life.

Anyway, I also tasted lobster and cried, but I ate a whole shrimp without gagging!

I've been taking a multivitamin (with hair supplement) for a few months now, and also started taking extra (completely safe, don't worry) hair supplement. The result has been my eyelashes are growing like weeds. I know I've mentioned it before, but now even my bottom lashes are getting into it and there's a definite noticable change in how they look without any makeup. This is important news, okay. Better I talk about this than depressing things, right? Also my bangs are getting longer. Which isn't a surprise, because hair does grow, but still, I'm happy. I really hate my bangs :(

I forget if I even mentioned this but my grandmother tripped and broke her foot. She's getting all gloom and doom like ~this is the beginning of the end~ but really, she didn't lose her balance because she's old or got dizzy or fainted or anything, she just tripped. She's being stubborn and not really letting her foot heal properly, but I hope she does soon because diabetics can lose their feet if they aren't careful.

anyways have I mentioned here that Boyfriend makes me play Magic with him? (and I like it?) I should document that in case future Ivy comes to read about her life. (hi, self! HAVE YOU HAD BABIES YET?)

I still collect Hello Kitty stuff too but they don't have any in the Target dollar section so my collecting has dwindled. Which is just as well because I don't need to hoard any more. I did get a tiny package of stickers from the cards/games section at Walmart though (Boyfriend was buying moar magic!11).

oh! Walmart had their Halloween costumes on sale so I got a Draculaura outfit. It fits because I'm short. I'd worried that I'd be too fat, but it fits! So now I have a costume for next year, assuming I can find pink boots by then. Heh.

oh, one last thing, I hope I get one of those cheap mini Lalaloopsy dolls for my birthday. HAPPY BIRTH MONTH TO ME~~ because as you all know I'm obnoxious about my birthday and I celebrate the whole month because I am obnoxious.


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Oct. 29th, 2011 05:07 pm
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Here you are, if you wanna see my new bangs:

My hair's still wet and bumping in the back for no good reason, but there you are.

I'm still probably going to pin them back/use a headband constantly. I'd really rather pretend this horrible thing never happened :x
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I'm assuming we just mean appearance-wise (personality-wise I'd never change my sense of humor or honesty). Otherwise, the blazingly obvious answer is my hair. (My eyes and cheeks are good too).

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Jan. 15th, 2010 08:37 pm
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I'm thinking of prettying up my profile. I noticed all my new ontd_ai frienz (HAI) all have like, colorbars and stuff. And my fanciest thing is some bold text and a link to my neopets referral. Not sure what I'd include, tho. Probably... like everything I like. I already have my signature pic from my favorite Kylie forum (it's all ten of her studio albums, colored pink) that I could use. I could string together some of the ancient Beatles icons I made way back when I made this default. Same for Sailor Moon and HP. And the Rays. And possibly even my favorite sims (Anna is my special favorite, so you can see what she looks like.) And Lemony Snicket. Hmm. AND IDOL, of course. :D

Why do they always cut the hair so short on What Not To Wear? Not every single woman needs to have it so short. Long hair can be pretty and flattering, ffs. Short hair looks great but they never seem to give them good short cuts. Bleh.

I need to clean my bathroom, also. Will do soon.

-ivybinterestflower @ 8:35 PM


Jul. 25th, 2009 01:20 am
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You know what I don't like about getting my hair cut? Getting it cut, of course (only two inches, though). You know what I DO like? Compliments from strangers. I love it when people love my hair. It was on its best behavior today, showing off for the hair ladies and everything. I love my hair. <3

-1:22 AM

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE, I forgot Bianca's but I didn't forget yours :D


May. 29th, 2009 03:25 am
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Don't actually have anything to say. I'm just writing this so I can have an entry every day this week.

I need shampoo and conditioner :(

-3:26 AM


Mar. 17th, 2009 04:27 am
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1. I tried new shampoo and conditioner today (still Herbal Essences). It's criminal for hair to be this shiny and soft, I'm telling you.
2. Slept a lot more today. Mmmmsleep.
3. I'm really in the mood for chocolate.
4. So... new Barbie has two new faces? Because the one I saw online had a closed mouth and a wider nose and pretty almondish eyes, and I saw some that looked like that in Target yesterday. But then I saw others with these beady eyes and crazy-looking smiles, and it was like "what?" If they have to change the face, why can't they go back to 1990s Barbie, the one I grew up with? I maintain that she's still the prettiest.

-4:31 AM


Dec. 28th, 2008 04:21 am
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I think the depth perception thing is getting worse. Nothing has been where I've expected it to be for awhile now. Adding to the problem is the fact that my long brittle nails are all breaking, meaning things are now closer to my finger tips than I'm expecting because I keep thinking there's a bunch of nail there. This is all very disconcerting. I am due for a check-up, but, you know, YOU pay for it, because I can't.

My boyfriend's trying to get me to let him teach me how to drive. I said not until he turns 21, like it says you have to be on the back of the permit. I'm not breaking the law, folks. I did do a little bit of driving with him though (SHH DON'T CALL THE COPS) but until April, no driving for me. Which is fine, because my horrible eyes will get me up a tree one of these days (I can see it now: "IT WAS LIKE A MILE AWAY I SWEAR IT JUST JUMPED OUT" I mean, do you even know how many mail boxes I've almost hit? Like a million, that's how many. And I haven't even driven outside of the mile between my grandma's house and my houses since February. In conclusion I am a terrible driver and I don't want to ever drive ever.)

Also, I think my body doesn't know how to burp, because I keep getting those weird chest pains you get when you drink a lot of carbonation. They're really, really awful and I'd like to drink some soda without having it come back to haunt me in the form of godawful gas pains. I mean, come on, how much more of an old lady do I have to get? I already drink caffeine-free soda. Now I can't drink any at all? WTF.

Oh oh oh also, I reeeeeeally need to get new shampoo and conditioner. I've almost run out of my usual stuff so I've been using back-ups, and my hair is really hating me for it. I mean, it's gotten so dry I think I could strip paint with it. It still looks as absolutely gorgeous and shiny, shiny, shiny as ever, of course, because my hair is vain, but it feels like I'm running my fingers through a paint brush. Only the use of leave-in conditioner (of the same brand as my regular conditioner) has kept it from curling up into a tangled, sentient mass on top of my head and attempting to either run away or bite my fingers. I'm just glad I've been able to detangle it at all, it's been dreadlocking something awful since I started running low on my usual stuff. And I don't even want to talk about the greasiness I've been getting from not using my usual shampoo. Awful stuff. Herbal Essences, you own my soul. How did I ever use Suave before?? I guess this is what my mother always meant when I was a wee short-haired lass: "You want long hair? Have fun taking care of it."
She didn't mention that it's only fun to take care of when it isn't trying to strangle you in your sleep because you haven't offered the proper shampoo and conditioner sacrifice. Seriously, I used the hair dryer for a bit today and I think I heard it snarl. It does need a trim though (SHHHH)

-4:37 AM


Sep. 10th, 2008 02:03 am
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I just wanted to say thanks for the comments on my last entry. I'll respond properly soon. Right now I'm writing. :)

Also, WTF DID VICTORIA BECKHAM DO TO HER HEAD? My guess is that her youngest son played Beauty Shop and accidentally hacked some off, so she had to rush to a stylist and have it fixed. If by fixed I mean "Halle Berry circa five years ago", that is. I mean, she's not, you know, ugly or anything, but I hate that hairstyle and since the Pob was such a big hit, does this mean all of Hollywood will soon be doing this? I mean, fierce bitches like Posh can pull it off, but can you see Paris doing it? Those Hills nobodies? The world will be filled with ugly and I will cry. It might mean an end to horrid hair extensions, though.

-2:06 AM
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In this entry: Spice Girls, Hair, and Writerly Thoughts.

1. Had another Spice Girls dream the other day, but none today/yesterday (my bizarre sleeping schedule makes these things hard to keep track of).

2. Lately my hair has just been fabulous. FABULOUS. It's so soft and unbelievably shiny, I cannot even tell you. I got some leave-in conditioner (the one for long hair from Herbal Essences, since I am their bitch) since it was on sale for 2 bucks, and I am so happy I did. Even if it stays on my hands for hours, the results are soooooo worth it. It works best when put in wet hair, though. It makes dry hair weird. The scalp must also be avoided during application. And just a little pump makes allllll of this hair fabulous. For all of you people who haven't seen me in... a year...? My hair has definitely gotten longer and fuller. Just to keep you updated on my hair.

3. Because I don't feel accomplished unless I make lists:
A few entries ago I mentioned having to rewrite my book. (I'm calling it a book to make myself feel important. I don't actually believe I can be published)
So far I've gotten 2,322 words out of 27,943 switched over to the proper pronouns (since I'm going back through and deleting all of the personal pronouns and switching them to third person pronouns.) AND THEN I'll have to go back and patch up some sentences that just flow awkwardly.
I've also written 238 words of brand-new stuff. I have to tell you that it's disheartening to be working on this thing and not see the word count go up as I'm switching words from "I" to "she". I know it should be quality over quantity, but watching the word count go steadily upwards has been one of the greatest thrills from this whole endeavor (considering all of my other finished stuff tends to fall below five thousand words). It's also hard not to want to go forward with the story in my head and then ruin everything, because if I get too far in my head and not far enough on paper I'll give up on it. Bleh. I might go in and work some more on the next parts, but then I'll lose the energy I need to redo the rest and bleeeeeh. Writing is hard :(

But I am happy, though. My life just feels wonderful.

-3:15 AM


Jan. 18th, 2008 09:54 pm
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Publix didn't have the new Herbal Essences when I went after getting my hair trimmed today. I'm sad. I was looking forward to trying it, since it's specifically for long hair, and my hair has had such good results with them already, and for the past week I've been using non-HE hair products because I ran out and my hair is very upset with me.
Maybe I'll go to Wal*Mart soon and get me some of that sweet, sweet long-hair lovin'.

Yes, this is a pretty useless post.
Jackie, feel better soon. <3

-9:56 PM


Oct. 21st, 2007 11:57 pm
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Do I look good blonde and with bangs?
Below the cut are seventeen (!) pictures of my new hair to help you decide. No, this isn't October Fools. ;)
Tell me plzkthnx )

-1:22 AM :D


Sep. 8th, 2007 10:33 pm
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1. You never realize how many clothes you have until you reach into your closet and pull out clothes you've never seen before in your life. Multiple times. And they fit and look really, really good. I think I have a clothing fairy.
2. You also never realize how many clothes you have until you try to organize them by color and sleeve length. I gave up on color but my clothes are now organized by sleeveless, short sleeved, and long sleeved. And it took me about an hour, and my arm really hurt after awhile. AND I'M STILL NOT DONE.
3. When your mother says you smell like a cupcake and she thinks it's a bad thing, the world has gone crazy.
4. When you've developed a complex system for shampooing and conditioning your hair, you have too much time on your hands. And fabulous hair.
5. When Hannah Montana is the best thing on television, you know the world of television has really declined.
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Aug. 30th, 2007 04:52 pm
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Had to go to the dentist today. Had a cavity filled. My cheek is numb and I'm hungry, but they said not to eat until the numbness goes away. I also have to pee but I can't untie the knot I made in my belt, because I'm just that awesome.
The numbess is actually starting to wear off on the tooth itself, which hurts like a serious bitch. But my cheek is still numb. Wtf folks.
Yesterday I had my hair trimmed. I was right: after the trim, my hair officially became the most gorgeous hair in the universe. Even my hairlady was amazed at the shine. Today the hygienist commented that it was long and asked if I'd been growing it out a long time, and I suppose growing it out since the age of 11 counts as a long time. Then she said the dentist might cut it because he had his scissors out before and tried to cut hers but he said mine was safe because it's not in my eyes. I have a weird dental... place, guys. They also told me that my teeth were really sensitive (because I told them I thought I had more cavities) and there isn't anything I can do, since the stuff doesn't work. Again: I'm just that awesome.

Now I'm listening to 90s pop and trying not to eat my parakeet, who is starting to look like a chicken wing. And I don't even like chicken wings. Dinner better be soon or I don't know what I'm going to do :(

-4:57 PM

Edit, 5:08 PM: The tooth that hurts like a bitch isn't the one with the cavity (what the hell), and I just owned the hell out of the knot in my belt. Whoo!


Aug. 8th, 2007 01:12 am
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I found a new shampoo that makes my hair so shiny NASA called because I'm blinding the astronauts.

All I need is a trim and my hair will be the most fabulous hair in the UNIVERSE.

-1:13 AM
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Okay, I have a question. I know this is kind of scandalous, I mean, considering I know almost everything about hair, but what are you supposed to do with hair chopsticks? I'm asking because I'm using them now. I use one and it stays up just fine... so what am I supposed to do with the other one? I stuck it in just because I didn't want them to miss each other and be lonely (laugh all you want, I'll wait) but is there a secret function I'm just not getting?

The bobby pin curls came out pretty well, but I got bored with them and brushed them out. I'll have to try again one day when I'm actually in front of a mirror.

-2:35 AM


Mar. 18th, 2007 10:21 pm
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I have shiny, shiny, shiny hair. Currently I'm experimenting with thickening serum (it's LONG, but not very thick and kind of wimpy at times). It looks really, really, really good. Now I'm using a round-brush and some bobby pins to see if I can curl it any. Unfortunately I have very vain, divalicious hair that's determined to remain hippielike as long as possible, so making it have a style is kind of hard. But we'll see.

I love my hair. <3

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