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Doll spam! Monster High, Lalaloopsy, and 2 ponies, if you look hard.

Dollies )
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I saw the free clinic doctor today. I have to take Lamictal. I'm way too tired to explain why or what it is but I'm excited to start it. (I've been up since 5:30 this morning... couldn't sleep.)

I also went to Toys R Us afterwards with Boyfriend, and they had both Operetta AND the Skull Shores black and white Frankie (I had a coupon, even)! I haven't been updating with my new dolls because that makes for boring posts, so here's the current list: cut! )

So, if you're keeping track at home, that's 17, including Bee and her little styrofoam body. All I'm missing is an Abbey, a Cleo, and Rochelle Goyle! And Venus and Robecca when they come out, I suppose. But that's it for the rest of the year! Nice.

the end.

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Mar. 22nd, 2012 03:06 am
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Monster High + Lalaloopsy under the cut. Dollies )

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Feb. 26th, 2012 05:43 am
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it's been so loooong livejournal I am sorry. I've got Cupid, so my life is pretty complete.

The list of dolls I need is now:

An Abbey (don't care which)
A Cleo (I'll take a cheap Cleo but I'd like the newer one coming out later this year with the over the top gown)
The Howleen/Clawdeen 2pack because HOWLEEN
Operetta (there will be more Operettas coming out but idk I think I want the first one)
Venus McFlytrap
Rochelle Goyle
Robecca Steam
Dead Tired Draculaura (should be soon!)

I think that's it. I own 11 now (10.5 if we count Bee as half a doll): Bee, Draculaura, Killer Style Draculaura, Frankie, Dawn of the Dance Frankie, Killer Style Frankie, Cupid, Gloom Beach Clawdeen, Skull Shores Lagoona, Ghoulia, and Spectra. (Molly gave me Cupid and KS Frankie and Draculaura EVERYONE TELL HER HOW GREAT SHE IS BECAUSE SHE'S GREAT).

Also they make Lalaloopsies EVEN SMALLER now and sell them in ~mystery~ blind bags (they're called Micro Lalaloopsy)


it's just a doll shaped lump of peach

I thought this was a mistake, but nope. Right on the bag they advertise instead of an adorable character you could just get a naked, faceless lump of peach.

Boyfriend said he'll paint her so I asked him to paint her into a Draculaura. I'll post a picture (probably on tumblr) when it's done.

Also I have a great relationship guyssssssss I never talk about it but IT'S PRETTY GREAT.

oh yeah we baked cookies they were pretty good too. AND WE MADE A PILLOW FORT IT WAS THE BEST THING.
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I got that Lagoona I wanted (the Skull Shores one). Boyfriend asked the toy dude at Walmart, and he said they had a truckload of Cupids- and they are all gone. There are no more Cupids. Not here, and not anywhere nearby, because the warehouse/distribution center has no Cupids. He said he got one for his daughter only because someone returned one (WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT). He has no idea when they'll come back.

My soul is dying each day I have no Cupid :( /melodrama

I blame scalpers. I don't think truckloads of Cupids were bought by rabid tiny child fangirls.

but I did get my Lagoona! She looks so good next to all the others and she helped mend my doll loving soul. HER LITTLE FLOWER GUYSSSSS HER LITTLE HEAD FLOWER. I should take pictures.

The list is now:

Skull Shores Frankie
A Cleo (don't care which)
An Abbey (would prefer basic but SS is cheaper and probably a teensy bit easier to find)
Dead Tired Draculaura (NEED)
Killer Style Frankie and Draculaura

the end.

On tumblr I saw a Spectra and I was like AHHHH I WANT and then I realized I HAVE. And that was a good, good feeling. I thought my interest was waning but nope.

Boyfriend says he'd watch Sherlock with me if I watch it, so that may actually happen. Hey, an adult interest! omgz.

I'ma scan the Parade magazine that Radcakes was on for Madi so keep an eye out for that.

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Jan. 11th, 2012 09:52 am
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I couldn't sleep so instead I sat and tried to fiddle with Bee some more. Moar toothpicks was, indeed, the answer. I stuck two more in her neck, then one in each styrofoam thigh so I could stick it to her styrofoam torso and her legs wouldn't keep flopping off. (Her arms don't seem to need any extra help staying in her dress). I took Original Recipe Frankie's stand (Frankie is currently posed sitting so she doesn't need it) and stuck her on it. After a lot of careful fiddling, she's standing! I also colored the styrofoam bits that show with a yellow bic marker and she looks tons better. Her head still lolls backwards so she looks like she's looking up all the time. It's cute if you're looking down on her, but up high on my dresser she looks kind of silly (I've squashed it down as much as possible so she doesn't look quite so weird). Still cute though. She shall be the Luna Lovegood of my dolls, since she looks so dreamy and has gigantic bee eyes. I think now that she has a body (sort of) and is standing and has an official My Monster High Dolls Friendship Bracelet I can officially count her as my 7th doll. I'll take a picture sometime, maybe after I fix her up some more.

I wish I could sleep. I shall try now.

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Jan. 2nd, 2012 07:34 am
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Happy New Year!

My resolution is to listen to all the music I've downloaded and not listened to. Easy.

Also, get moar dolls. I found a recipe for modelling clay online and it's super simple, so I'll try making a body for Bee this weekend! yay!

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I caved and bought Clawdeen a Bratz outfit, since her being in a bathing suit this time of year makes me sad. It's cute on her! It even has little suspenderssssss.

Also no word yet on the doll I'm looking forward to like I am my eventual someday wedding, Cupid. Oh, Cupid.

Let's discuss Cupid. I have drawn a diagram. 1 picture )

so what else is new.

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Nov. 6th, 2011 04:26 am
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So I never post here about my actual life despite this being my journal, and all. So bscly I have gotten through (I don't want to say "over" because that trivializes it for me and for everyone else who suffers) whatever bout of depression I had had for about a month there. (seriously, it was so awful.) But I feel mostly normal now! Except now I have a month of laziness to pick up after. My room looks like a warzone and I still don't really feel up to it :(

I have four Monster High dolls now: Draculaura and Frankie, plus the Gloom Beach version of Clawdeen, which is cheaper and comes with less but is still really worth it, and the basic Ghoulia, who is PERFECT. Like all nerdy girls want to believe they're Ghoulia. She wears awesome glasses and has awesome hair and wears a piano key belt and a shirt with cherries and a cute necklace and fishnet arm warmers and has knee-hight black, white, and red converse sneakers that, by the way, are like 6 inch heels. And pink zipper-pull earrings. And a diary with a bonus bookmark! eeeeeee. Clawdeen's 80s-looking rainbow cheetah print bathingsuit is a one-piece with a shorts-looking bottom with a cute (sadly attached) belt, and a removable also 80s-looking pink and black striped top. She has 4 earrings: pink, purple, blue, and green. And her hair is streaked with purple! Therefore she is cooler than the other Clawdeen I thought I wanted. Her hair is so frizzy I had to put it in pigtails with elastic bands from her packaging but that's okay. She also came with sunglasses, a frisbee, and a postcard. Oh, and shoes, too, and a brush and a stand, because Monster High dolls come with everything they need. Ghoulia has a stand and brush too, and also a purse that looks like a cassette tape, and her little owl named Sir Hoots-a-Lot who clips on her arm. Oh and did I mention Ghoulia has sparkly eyeshadow like Draculaura? They could have totally skimped on her eye makeup because of her giant glasses, but nope.

We went to Toys R Us last week and I spotted a single Ghoulia behind all the other dolls. Then Boyfriend confessed he'd already ordered one, so being the kind and benevolent person I am, I tucked her back in the back, where I'm pretty sure someone had deliberately hidden her. I hope whoever it was went back and found her! So that night I got the only Clawdeen they had. Then this weekend I got my Ghoulia! So now I have four and I think that's plenty, for now. I put Clawdeen in a pair of Barbie jeans that are super old over her bathing suit, because it's cold! She looks kind of 90s with her little belly shirt and giant baggy jeans.

I Ghoulia and Clawdeen the little bracelets I'd made for them forever ago so now all four of them have matching friendship bracelets. ...yeah, in my spare time I make doll bracelets. This is my life.

Anyway, I also tasted lobster and cried, but I ate a whole shrimp without gagging!

I've been taking a multivitamin (with hair supplement) for a few months now, and also started taking extra (completely safe, don't worry) hair supplement. The result has been my eyelashes are growing like weeds. I know I've mentioned it before, but now even my bottom lashes are getting into it and there's a definite noticable change in how they look without any makeup. This is important news, okay. Better I talk about this than depressing things, right? Also my bangs are getting longer. Which isn't a surprise, because hair does grow, but still, I'm happy. I really hate my bangs :(

I forget if I even mentioned this but my grandmother tripped and broke her foot. She's getting all gloom and doom like ~this is the beginning of the end~ but really, she didn't lose her balance because she's old or got dizzy or fainted or anything, she just tripped. She's being stubborn and not really letting her foot heal properly, but I hope she does soon because diabetics can lose their feet if they aren't careful.

anyways have I mentioned here that Boyfriend makes me play Magic with him? (and I like it?) I should document that in case future Ivy comes to read about her life. (hi, self! HAVE YOU HAD BABIES YET?)

I still collect Hello Kitty stuff too but they don't have any in the Target dollar section so my collecting has dwindled. Which is just as well because I don't need to hoard any more. I did get a tiny package of stickers from the cards/games section at Walmart though (Boyfriend was buying moar magic!11).

oh! Walmart had their Halloween costumes on sale so I got a Draculaura outfit. It fits because I'm short. I'd worried that I'd be too fat, but it fits! So now I have a costume for next year, assuming I can find pink boots by then. Heh.

oh, one last thing, I hope I get one of those cheap mini Lalaloopsy dolls for my birthday. HAPPY BIRTH MONTH TO ME~~ because as you all know I'm obnoxious about my birthday and I celebrate the whole month because I am obnoxious.


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So, today I got Frankie. She and Draculaura are sitting on a little doll-sized pillow next to me.
idk why, but these dolls are so amazing to me. The fact that something this stylized is doing well and is supported by Mattel? So fabulous. And each one has her own face sculpt! Frankie's face is much more angular and long than Draculaura's round face and smaller chin. Target's had a sale for a little while, so I ran in and snapped her up (with Boyfriend's money, of course). I had wanted the Dawn of the Dance Frankie, but they didn't have her, which made my decision easier because I was torn between Original Frankie and Dance Frankie. Decision made for me! Done.

I almost spent my own money later in Wal*Mart on a Bratz dress, but it was strapless, nearly 5 dollars, and not worth it, especially since the size might be off. Hopefully I can get over to a dollar store of some sort and buy some cheap knockoff Barbie clothes and then bring out my trusty sewing kit and try to alter them to fit. We shall see!

I mended a Barbie skirt that, while big, fits their hips if I don't mind a gap in the back. It had a lot of stray threads and the velcro was coming off. Then I went cross-eyed and made a teeny weeny beaded bracelet for Draculaura. Now that Frankie is here, I'll make one for her too. She already has a bracelet on one arm! So perfect.

Anyway, all my sims have graduated from college! So you'll get a giant college spam soon. I haven't given up on sims updates! They've just been really boring and not worth posting. I moved them into new houses, and tried something new with some of the couples and I'm really excited about it.

In real life news I've actually started to prepare a resume and I am not happy about it. Also, I hate fall. Go away fall. Bring back my summer :(

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Sep. 18th, 2011 12:27 am
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Draculaura and I are getting on quite well. I've already torn apart my room looking for accessories for her. All I've found that doesn't look stupid are those little rings you put on electric toothbrush heads so people know whose is whose, which work fabulously as bangles.

Barbie clothes don't fit Monster High dolls, because MH dolls have TINY bodies. They have practically no boobs, which I guess is good for little girls to see some attractive women don't have to have giant boobs. I thought Sailor Moon's clothes might fit, but I'm not even going to bother because up close Sailor Moon's waist is too big. Her shoes do fit, though, which will be cool if I ever get any other outfits, since my other SM dolls have their shoes besides Sailor Mars, for some reason. srsly where did her shoes go.

Sailor Mars is missing her shoes and one of her gloves and her necklace ribbon broke (I can fix that though.) Sailor Venus' hair is a mess. One of Sailor Moon's pigtail holders broke :( Sailor Jupiter is fine, and Sailor Mercury's hair looks stupid, I guess because short hair on dolls is hard. I'm gonna try heat styling their hair into looking decent again since I've had practice with plastic wigs.

And I'm going to try turning the fabric scraps I have lying around into doll clothes. I mean, Draculaura has ONE OUTFIT. I've found a few hair accessories that make cute skirts, but nothing that could work as a top. And the doll line doesn't really sell a lot of clothes. When they make new outfits, they make all new dolls for them. Which is cool for collectors since each doll gets new makeup and hairstyles, but not so cool for poor people who just want to mix and match once in awhile.

in any case I've heard other dolls' clothes sort of fit, so maybe I'll buy a few Bratz outfits and do some nips and tucks with my trusty needle and thread. (I tried to make her a tube top out of stretchy fabric, but it doesn't stretch enough so now she just has a single badly sewn leg warmer. lol fail.)

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I think I actually still have all of the most significant childhood toys. The ones I don't were things like electronics that either died or were given away to younger relatives (I being the third-oldest of many, many second cousins, and the two older ones were "poor"). I still have two of my little Casio keyboards, (which weren't actually supposed to be toys) and both still work. After some battery corrosion one of them has some trouble with a few keys (you have to press very hard) and the other is missing a few keys, but if you press the little buttons under them you can still get the notes. They're how I learned to play piano by ear (right side only... so I guess it's not that much talent, but still.)

For me my dolls were of vast importance, and still living in pride of place on my bed are Babydoll (a Raggedy-Ann doll my late paternal grandmother mended many times over, and which my mother sewed new yarn on for hair) and my Kupkake, a Cabbage Patch knockoff from Walgreens (she has three sisters who look similar, as well, and obviously all of them are still in my room). I can't sleep without K right up against my cheek (poor thing looks awful). There are pictures of her in her better days on my facebook, actually. I have all of my Barbies, too. I miss the old 80s/90s Barbie face; she had the sweetest, happiest Barbie face ever. The one after her was alright, and the one now looks like a sleepy drug addict or something. Too much makeup. This year's Christmas ornament was alright though, probably because the face was smaller and if they'd used as much makeup as the full-sized doll you'd lose her eyes completely.

My kids will have a ton of stuff to play with someday. :D

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Jul. 22nd, 2007 04:10 am
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When I was little, my grandmother gave me two dolls she got from who knows where (the dolls say 1985 on the back, and I wasn't even born until 1987, and didn't get them until much much later than that) and they, well, weren't Barbies. They had fatter legs and bigger heads and their joints moved much differently, and their chests were flatter. So they always almost-but-not-quite fit into my Barbie clothes. In fact, because they seemed so much older than my other Barbies, they became the matriarchs of my Barbie clan (my Barbies do, in fact, have a large backstory, which I might tell you all someday.) Since then I longed to know who these dolls were, where they came from, what their names were. I wanted to know who they were. I wondered if they were some sort of weird knockoffs, or if they were tied to a fandom or a line of dolls long forgotten. I wanted to know if they even belonged together, or if they just came that way because whoever owned them before stuck the two misfits together because they had big hips and no boobs. And they had outrageous 80s make-up and hair, and one of them has earrings that light up.
And then today I read Cleo's wiki (cleoland.pbwiki.com).
Upon reading that, I suddenly knew where they came from, though I googled to be sure. In fact, I think I've found the exact dolls I own, although mine no longer have the original clothes (if they ever did, I don't remember).

http://www.jemdolls.com/jemstormer.html That's my blue-haired beauty. Sadly, one of her hands broke off of its socket and is unfixable. I think it just adds to her personality. Her curls are much more defined than this doll's, and she looks like less of a bitch, but there's no doubt in my mind that that's my girl right there.

http://www.jemdolls.com/jemjerrica.html And that's the pink-haired beauty. Her previous owner hacked her hair into a stylish, if strange, bowl cut. And the pink parts faded and now she has a pink scalp and blonde hair. If I ever find the right batteries, I can stick them in and I just bet you her ears would light up like they did in the old days.

I feel like I'm only just now being properly introduced to two ladies I've known since my earliest memories. It's like finding out your grandpa was a WW2 hero or something.
I mean, no wonder they've got badass joints my Barbies could only dream of. Whoever heard of letting your arms move freely?? Or even your hands? (This was back in the day before Barbies, or Kens, for that matter, had drawn-on underwear, and Barbies' arms could only stay either clamped to the side or up above her head, or back behind her if she was excersizing or some shit.) Their legs have the same rotational joints, and so do their hips.

All I want to know is why both of them have that "FIERCE" look on their faces (to use the modelling term) instead of smiling. They always seemed so sad, but badass at the same time. Now I know why. I mean, the 80s can get to the best of us.

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