Jul. 24th, 2013 12:43 am
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I'll be gone for 2 days :o


Jun. 6th, 2013 02:21 pm
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Windows 7 is installed. Now it's time for sims!

Yesterday was our 9th anniversary of the day we met. NINE YEARS. We went to Chili's and then just hung out together while his usb stick formatted and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I CAN'T STAND IT.

He also passed the class I was helping him with. MY NIGHTMARES ARE ALL OVER.

I hope you're all reasonably well. <3


Apr. 18th, 2013 11:39 am
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I went to the fair the other day with Boyfriend and had my first funnel cake! He won me a stuffed animal and then we saw a demolition derby (also my first). There was a pink car with a giant stuffed frog on top, which was my favorite. ITS NAME WAS FROGGY.
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Proposal story, behind a cut because I'm a super polite ADULT now~~

Oh, and some new pictures of the ring I haven't shared yet. IT'S REALLY SHINY YOU SHOULD CLICK JUST FOR THOSE.

I DO )

lol that got long I'M FULL OF FEELINGS OK
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remind me to tell you about the time I got engaged
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the end.
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My ONTD_ai people will have been my friends for 3 years soon!

and this is a LIE. Boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 8 years.


Apr. 6th, 2012 07:50 am
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What's new with me:

Boyfriend got a car! His own car! A white 2008 Sentra. I love it, it has the sweetest face.

I got a Skull Shores Draculaura. Her hand was messed up. I e-mailed Mattel... and they're sending me a new one! Free! She'll be here in 3-7 days. Mattel has the best customer service, I swear.

What's new with you guys?

-7:50 AM


Feb. 26th, 2012 05:43 am
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it's been so loooong livejournal I am sorry. I've got Cupid, so my life is pretty complete.

The list of dolls I need is now:

An Abbey (don't care which)
A Cleo (I'll take a cheap Cleo but I'd like the newer one coming out later this year with the over the top gown)
The Howleen/Clawdeen 2pack because HOWLEEN
Operetta (there will be more Operettas coming out but idk I think I want the first one)
Venus McFlytrap
Rochelle Goyle
Robecca Steam
Dead Tired Draculaura (should be soon!)

I think that's it. I own 11 now (10.5 if we count Bee as half a doll): Bee, Draculaura, Killer Style Draculaura, Frankie, Dawn of the Dance Frankie, Killer Style Frankie, Cupid, Gloom Beach Clawdeen, Skull Shores Lagoona, Ghoulia, and Spectra. (Molly gave me Cupid and KS Frankie and Draculaura EVERYONE TELL HER HOW GREAT SHE IS BECAUSE SHE'S GREAT).

Also they make Lalaloopsies EVEN SMALLER now and sell them in ~mystery~ blind bags (they're called Micro Lalaloopsy)


it's just a doll shaped lump of peach

I thought this was a mistake, but nope. Right on the bag they advertise instead of an adorable character you could just get a naked, faceless lump of peach.

Boyfriend said he'll paint her so I asked him to paint her into a Draculaura. I'll post a picture (probably on tumblr) when it's done.

Also I have a great relationship guyssssssss I never talk about it but IT'S PRETTY GREAT.

oh yeah we baked cookies they were pretty good too. AND WE MADE A PILLOW FORT IT WAS THE BEST THING.
-5:42 AM
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Boyfriend becoming Husband.


Jan. 15th, 2012 06:31 am
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Still no Cupid. But her *official* release is supposed to be the end of January, so she should be out in much larger quantities very soon.

Boyfriend says he'll buy me a create-a-monster pack if I clean my room. I know this sounds childish, but I'm the kind of hoarder who needs motivation to keep her surroundings from being condemmed, which, again, sounds terrible, but I never said I was mentally stable, did I? I know a lot of people don't believe me when I say these things, but I'm not lying. Still, it's motivation to do some things that need to be done, especially since my parents want to have my cousin's long-term boyfriend look at my window (there's a hole under it) and see if they can fix it. There shouldn't be holes in my walls, guys.

As I said on Tumblr, since one of the heads doesn't have a wig, I'ma tie a ribbon around her head and let her be a badass bald chick. It'll be fun. We'll have to sculpt another styrofoam torso for her.

I originally wanted the set with the dragon monster thing and the pink wig, but I've decided the vampire set has the prettier face, plus the blue head (supposed to be a sea monster) has a really unique nose, it's so cute. I am excited.

We also discovered today that eating at Outback is as cheap as eating at Chili's. This thrilled us more than I can express.

It's cold here. There was ice on the windshield! Well, not ice-ice, but it was a bit slushy. I wore my birthday present winter jacket. My uncle is still visiting. I think he might visit a bit too long, my grandparents are too old for 2 week visitors. Her brother left already but then again he always stays in a hotel.

Radcakes was magnificent on SNL.

-6:30 AM


Nov. 12th, 2011 06:40 am
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Tonight Boyfriend said going shopping on Black Friday might be fun and said we could do it.

Without my asking first. I said I hadn't been to the mall in awhile (different mall from the one I posted about recently... or talked about on twitter? whatev) and he was like "we can go on Black Friday! That would be exciting."

guys when people ask why we're getting married I might have to just tell them this is the reason.

-6:39 AM
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I went to bed early last night, so we postpone the deaths of the next two sims for another day. (Actually I just played and SOB FOR LIFE).

Anyway let's talk about other stuff for a sec.

-My Pottermore username is OwlUnicorn208. You can all add me but plz do let me know who you are in a tweet or a comment here so I can give you the proper nickname and not get all confused. I have a vine and phoenix feather wand, 9 3/4 inches. And I'm a Ravenclaw, which is awesome and terrifying because it seems to be made up of all the most annoying quirky people. But I do feel honored, tbh. The website is the greatest thiiiiing my soul craves more.

-Boyfriend and I are still together, still blissfully chugging along. We still don't have enough money to get married yet, but he's got a job now! We're seeing each other tonight and I think we're going to barbeque some hamburgers. I got new capris and adorable wedges (pink, size 4) that I'll wear.

-I feel like I'm being smacked in the face with the fall season already and I am not remotely pleased.

-Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle are following each other on twitter. MY HAPPINESS KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

-I have joined the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic bandwagon. SUE ME.

-My soul still craves a Draculaura. SHE WILL BE MIIIIIIIIIIINE.

-the end. :)

-7:20 AM


May. 9th, 2011 04:09 am
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I've had a horrifically busy weekend. All week my mother and I cooked/baked for a family brunch on Saturday, which started at 11 and didn't end until about 9. I'd spent Friday night watching Monster High webisodes until 3 AM because I am stupid, so I didn't get much sleep plus I think I'm battling a slight sinus infection? I can't really tell. I went swimming and played whatever it is you play when you have raquets and beat the little plastic ball thing over a net, plus I threw/kicked a football and played with a frisbee thing. I am terrible at all of these games. Then Boyfriend and I went to Chili's and then chilled at his house watching Oddities until like 3, because we are stupid.

Then on Sunday, which was today, I had to get up early again (see? STUPID) for another brunch, this time a fancy expensive buffet at a country club. Which was good. There's loads of food I like there, so I was happy.



K BAI. <3
3:54 AM


Mar. 29th, 2011 06:45 am
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So, I feel like I should mention that I was sick all last week with some sort of pukey thing. I threw up only once, but the after effects lasted from Monday to Sunday, when I woke up feeling miraculously better and ate the entire house. This broke a no-vomit streak I've had since February of 2005. In fact I woke up on Monday feeling awful (after several days of decreased appetite) and angrily willed myself not to throw up, and spent the next few hours proud of my own stubborness and ability to control my body but in terrible pain, after which my stomach took matters into its own hands and the rest was history. We have a cream colored carpet (whose brilliant idea was that?) but everything seems to have worked out fine.

Because I have some sort of slothlike metabolism, I spent an entire week not eating solid food- this is not an exaggeration- and lost no weight at all.

I suspect I will not be sick again until at 2012, although since this wasn't my annual sinus infection there's still time. I seem to have passed through the change of seasons' allergies without any problems, but we'll see.

In other news, Boyfriend gave me a gigabyte of ram as a get-well present and Aphrodite seems to be running a bit better. Sims in particular zooms, which brings me great joy. I mean, I'd run the internet off of a typewriter hooked up to a telephone and a box with a piece of glass on it and I'd be happy if it weren't for my unfortunate sims addiction, which requires a decent graphics card (which I sort-of have) and memory (which I didn't have, until now). Sims is pretty much my greatest joy in life, besides [ profile] ontd_ai.

In other other news I received a letter from Megan whose lj name I can't remember but who is @mcaro5 on twitter and whom I adore, and now that I'm sure I won't transmit terrible pukey germs through the mail I can reply to her. Anyone wanna say hi?

Baseball season starts on Friday and I am about to jump off of my roof in excitement.

Also also did you guys realize there are currently THREE pregnant Spice Girls? jfc. Geri and Mel C must be jeals.



Jun. 19th, 2010 02:09 am
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I don't have much to say. I know I said I had stuff but I forgot most of it. I did want to mention my six year anniversary with the boyfriend was on the 5th (I still have the ticket stub from the movie we saw the day we met) but I can't think of anything else.

-2:08 AM


Apr. 25th, 2010 11:16 pm
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-Kylie released a small snippet of her new single, All The Lovers, the release date of the single, the album title and cover (Aphrodite). The snippet sounds fantastic, the title sounds cool, the album name is gorgeous, the cover art is spectacular. I was so worried I wouldn't like it (some of Kylie's stuff leaves me a bit cold, if you can believe that). Last time I was this anxious about an album release I was thoroughly disappointed (I've never mentioned it before, but I never really liked Kris's album, and loathe Live Like We're Dying... even if I do leave it on on the radio out of loyalty), but even after hearing the snippet and seeing the cover I'm still so excited I could explode, so that's good. A Kylie song leaked last week or two weeks ago or something called Love Love Love which I also really, really like. Plus the crappiest possible quality of a long-unheard unused song for her 1994 album leaked and that sounded good too (her albums from the mid-90s are my least favorite, so this was a pleasant surprise.) I hope it leaks in good quality soon.

-I'm officially a Little Monster. I am a huuuuuuge Gaga fan. I'm so happy they chose Alejandro as the next single, I love it.

-Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday. I took him to Chili's and gave him a copy of my favorite Kylie album (Light Years). Then we watched a British show I like that's on on Saturday nights that Kylie guest starred on in the 90s and I flailed about seeing her on US tv.

-I feel like there must be more to say, but there isn't. Oh! I got my Adam/Rays tickets in the mail and flailed. They're on the bulletin board rn. I can't wait for September.

-I still love my sims.

-11:15 PM


Jan. 9th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Well, *now* it's fixed. My boyfriend took me out yesterday (Olive Garden, yay!) but also brought over an old graphics card he had lying around.
He put it in and it was immediately fixed. No shutting down, no lines, no weird green blocks, no memory craziness, nothing.

So apparently the card Dell gave us was from satan or something, idek.

If I say graphics card one more time I will scream.

Oh, and in Snowwatch 2010 news:


-ivybtechnoflower @ 4:25 PM
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Well, my boyfriend and I- to put it mildly- don't see eye to eye on most music. We agree on a lot, but disagree on much more.

However, what we do have is respect for each other. I can listen to my music when I want, and he can listen to his, you know, with headphones, and we don't force each other to listen to music the other hates when we're stuck in a room/car together. I love to share stuff I love with other people so I ask him once "ooh new Kylie song!" and he'll listen, once. And if he likes it (which happens a lot, actually) then good. And if he doesn't, I won't get in a huff and force it on him. And he won't do it to me. That's what a relationship is about.

In Snowwatch '10 news: no snow today. Forecast has changed to snow for this weekend, however. So, snow. Is this how it's going to be? The waiting game? Well, it's 29 degrees right now, and I'm still alive. BRING IT.

-9:17 PM
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A hug. It's something only you can give, and a lot of times people who have "everything" have it at the cost of building up their personal relationships.

That said, no one knows what to get me for my birthday, because I have everything and need nothing. This is kind of depressing.

Told my boyfriend to get me one of the nailpolishes from Claire's that has three colors in it. It seems like it would come out looking like crap, but I really want one for some reason.


DNW TO BE 22 :(

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