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As you all probably know, I met Alton Brown at a signing once. He was super nice. I met the author of Running out of Time, Margaret Peterson Haddix, when she came to my school and signed my book. She was nice and her little talk was influential later when I decided to become a writer (LOL WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THAT). Paul McCartney waved to my mother once.

Mostly I only ever see famous people in concerts, and for those I usually go big or go home (Adam, Kylie, Paul, Ringo) so I never get to meet anyone because they're like superstars. I'd like to meet a baseball player one of these days.

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wait wait edit: I hope I never meet Cerabergfield because that would just be awkward. "You know for awhile I was legitimately convinced you were the same person as-" "I know, I know, that Cera dude, UGH." "No, that guy who was in the movie with you who you look nothing like. I am so sorry, Michael. I MEAN ANDREW. I MEAN. OH SCREW IT I DON'T EVEN LIKE ANY OF YOU."


Nov. 17th, 2011 09:19 pm
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lol apparently they're not still upset about Adam if they're using it to promote this year's.

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Mar. 1st, 2011 07:36 pm
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So let's talk about dreams I've had lately. I know, I know, other people's dreams aren't interesting. Which is why I'm cutting out all but the most interesting parts.

-Before I woke up today I had a dream I was in some sort of school, like a high school for adults, and had decided to join the baseball team (not softball). Some dude was hitting on me and I was like, k sure have my number you're cool. Then he left and Charlie Sheen showed up and draped himself over me and was like I WANT YOUR NUMBER TOO and I was like DON'T YOU EVER GIVE UP OH MY GOD GO AWAY. like... Charlie Sheen wtf you doing in my dreams, dude. gtfo.

-Last week I dreamed Cheryl Cole was kind of hitting on me, but another girl was telling me "Don't get your hopes up, she just likes to flirt, she never follows through." And I was like o ok den, we'll just be flirty friends. Pointless dream is pointless.

-I also dreamed I was in high school with Adam and I was a like, student council member? Like the school's president? And The vice principal (one of my actual VPs from when I was in actual high school) found some stuff and was like "I need you to find out who this belongs to" and I was like "oh, it's Adam's" and then he was avoiding me because I knew about his secret ex-boyfriend and he was afraid I'd judge him and I was like omg you idiot. And then when I found him he decided he wanted to be my boyfriend and I was like, o ok den. And then we had the blandest kiss ever.

I suspect the Charlie Sheen baseball dream came from the fact that before going to sleep I stayed up late writing a Longbert AU in which both of them are baseball players and it's a tiny bit angsty and I can't post it until I finish the other Longbert but I can't wait because it's like my favorite thing I ever wrote, I can't even. Where Charlie Sheen comes in I have no idea.



Sep. 25th, 2010 01:56 am
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A concertgame means that there is a baseball game, and then they turn off the lights and have a concert. Why? Because the Rays draw about as many people as a dead thing draws vultures, which is to say, about three, maybe four if it's really good. (Then again, the Marlins draw even fewer fans. Watching a Marlins telecast is soul-crushing. You can literally hear individual fans cheering.)

So the Rays devised an ingenious plan: invite popular artists to have concerts at the stadium, and include the concert for free.

I went to one such concert last week (uh, as I've already said sixteen times).

There's not much to say. The game was a nail-biter extra innings affair. I got to see my very favorite pitcher for the first time. The concert was about as amazing as you'd expect Adam to be.

The stage was in the outfield. Seats for the concerts are general admission, which means you can get up and move to a closer seat if you want. We did. Except.

The stage is in the outfield. We were sitting behind home plate. The stage was so far away I literally could not see who was who on it. That was okay, though, because the sound was perfect and the giant stadium screen had all of the action. I took pictures of the screen as best I could, but none are really post-worthy. You all know what Adam and Allison look like. I also got 60 seconds if If I Had You on my phone, because it's my favorite.

Also I remembered that I had binoculars after awhile and watched part of the concert that way, which was funny.

Anyway, if you had told me this time last year that I'd have been so excited about an Adam concert I would have told you you were insane, because I used to hate his voice. I still hate the stuff he did on the show. But at the concert, there was none of the weird whiny stuff, just straight-up angel singing. And Allison was so perfect! I hope a better label snatches her up quick.

http://raysrenegade.mlblogs.com/archives/2010/09/general_lambert_and_his_glam_n.html and


Two articles by a Rays fan/blogger about the concert. Good reads.

SO THAT WAS MY ADVENTURE. I am still recovering. It was that awesome of a day. Especially with the wonderful boyfriend. <3

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Aug. 19th, 2010 12:24 am
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Apr. 25th, 2010 11:16 pm
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-Kylie released a small snippet of her new single, All The Lovers, the release date of the single, the album title and cover (Aphrodite). The snippet sounds fantastic, the title sounds cool, the album name is gorgeous, the cover art is spectacular. I was so worried I wouldn't like it (some of Kylie's stuff leaves me a bit cold, if you can believe that). Last time I was this anxious about an album release I was thoroughly disappointed (I've never mentioned it before, but I never really liked Kris's album, and loathe Live Like We're Dying... even if I do leave it on on the radio out of loyalty), but even after hearing the snippet and seeing the cover I'm still so excited I could explode, so that's good. A Kylie song leaked last week or two weeks ago or something called Love Love Love which I also really, really like. Plus the crappiest possible quality of a long-unheard unused song for her 1994 album leaked and that sounded good too (her albums from the mid-90s are my least favorite, so this was a pleasant surprise.) I hope it leaks in good quality soon.

-I'm officially a Little Monster. I am a huuuuuuge Gaga fan. I'm so happy they chose Alejandro as the next single, I love it.

-Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday. I took him to Chili's and gave him a copy of my favorite Kylie album (Light Years). Then we watched a British show I like that's on on Saturday nights that Kylie guest starred on in the 90s and I flailed about seeing her on US tv.

-I feel like there must be more to say, but there isn't. Oh! I got my Adam/Rays tickets in the mail and flailed. They're on the bulletin board rn. I can't wait for September.

-I still love my sims.

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HELL YES I BOUGHT TICKETS. http://tampabay.rays.mlb.com/tb/ticketing/summer_concerts.jsp SPREAD THE WORD WHILE ONTD_AI IS BEING A BITCH. I'm so sorry for any Tampa benches that miss out because of that :( Seriously unfair. The ticketmaster website timed out like a you don't even know because glamberts.

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Mar. 10th, 2010 12:25 am
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] thissinkingboat.

Pick your 6 current favorite bands/singers.
1. The first song of theirs that you heard
2. The song that made you love them / that you'll always love
3. Your current favorite

1. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
2. Real Love (song that's my all time favorite... there is no one song that made me love them, duh)
3. Here Comes The Sun

Kris Allen
1. lol idek. Whatever he did first on the show.
2. Falling Slowly studio version... I listened to it like 1283012983 times.
3. Alright With Me

Kylie Minogue
1. Cherry Bomb
2. In My Arms
3. Extraordinary Day (Taprobane)

Dannii Minogue
1. So Under Pressure
2. Disremembrance
3. Put The Needle On It

Wings/Paul Solo (It all kind of blends together for me)
1. Maybe I'm Amazed
2. The entire Venus and Mars album.
3. Junk

Adam Lambert
1. His show stuff all blends together for me... I actually didn't like him much on the show. Thought he was sweet but hated his song choices.
2. If I Had You
3. Pick U Up


George Solo/Travelling Wilburys
1. All Things Must Pass
2. All Those Years Ago
3. Handle Me With Care

Ringo Solo:
1. Photograph
2. Photograph
3. ...Photograph! I love all of his stuff, obviously, but this one pulls on my heart the way few other songs by any artist do.

John Solo:
1. Give Peace A Chance
2. Imagine
3. He's my favorite so this is weird, but not really any right now.

Kish Mauve:
1. 2 Hearts (song that Kylie covered)
2. You Make Me Feel (written by Kylie)
3. Modern Love

1. Prelude
2. End Of The Rainbow
3. September All Over

Victoria Beckham:
1. Let Your Head Go
2. Gone
3. I O U

-12:28 AM


Nov. 23rd, 2009 03:36 am
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So... I told her not to go out today. Remember that: I looked out the window, contemplated the dark skies, my sore throat, and the fact that I was still tired, and said I didn't want to go out. And then I told her I didn't think she should either. And I said it more than once, which I never do; I never tell my mother not to go out, period, and today I said it at least three times. I don't know why I felt so strongly that my mother should stay home, except that every so often I do get those "feelings" that something bad will happen and it always does. (Examples: had one before my cockatiel died. Had one before my great-aunt's car died on the way home. Had one the night before my uncle fell into a diabetic coma while driving and was killed by a semi.) This time it didn't feel like anything much, unlike the horrible sinking in my chest I usually get. I just... looked out the window, and it hit me that today was not a good day to be leaving the house. Except...

She did. And now our car is horribly smushed on the passenger's side and the front tire is gone and my beautiful car may never come back. Of course, our family is weird and so there's another car almost exactly like it sitting in the garage right now because my parents have the same car and also my father has a Cadillac for no reason at all so we don't need a rental.

My mother herself is... well, I want to say "fine" but I think we'll have to see tomorrow; the hospital said it always feels much worse the next day. As far as injuries, the doctor says whiplash but she says she feels nothing and saw nothing on the X-ray and there's something about a neck injury but she says she only feels it in her chest where she hit the steering wheel. Nothing's broken, torn, bleeding, or really bruised. So she's home and feels alright.

She says when the car stopped moving it stopped just next to a pole. She says she was hit so hard it just wouldn't stop. You never like to get a phone call from your shaky-voiced mother saying she was in an accident and your father is there and the car is being towed away and then OKAY I'LL TALK TO YOU LATER BYE


and then your shaky-voiced grandmother who never shows emotions besides annoyance and anger calls and she's not nearly as shaky-voiced but she's scared, she's scared for her daughter and her husband left the house without telling her anything and she didn't know where I was and what's going on.

And then she made chocolate chip cookies, which I don't know that my grandmother has ever made before in all of her born days.

The inside of the car is fine, she says, but I do wonder if I had been in the car what would have happened to me; there's no steering wheel on my side, so how far would I have gone, wearing a seatbelt as I always do? Would I have hit the dashboard and made the airbag come out?

If I was in the car, would I have seen the crazy woman coming before my mother did? Would I have convinced her to take a different way home, because she often thinks out loud to me about which way she'll go?

Before she had the accident she asked me what was on my shopping list and I said Earl Grey Tea and ramen noodles (Oriental flavor). This was at about 2:30. She called again at 3 with the shaky voice (and immediately I felt guilty for being upset about being woken up again.)

When she finally, finally, finally came home at 7, looking a little glassy-eyed from Vicodin (she says she won't take anymore because she hates it, but I have a feeling she'll reluctantly take some more tomorrow, if she gets that prescription filled) she came home with... English Breakfast tea. I don't know why, but that feels like the cherry on top of the whole thing. The car may be dead (she said it made a horrible noise when she tried to turn it on) and she'll probably be in pain and then THE TEA IS WRONG.

I latched onto that (but didn't complain to her because, come on) because that's what you do when things go wrong: you find the tiniest thing and say "WELL, OF COURSE THAT HAD TO HAPPEN." Like losing your purse that just so happens to have your great-grandmother's earrings in it, or getting sick and throwing up on your expensive shoes; it's not the worst thing that happened, but it's the thing that makes the most sense, and is the easiest to get upset about because the rest of you is thinking "wait, what? what do I do now? what's going on?" It's the most everyday mistake, more everyday than a car accident, so that's what I've been thinking about, because it's just easier than OH GOD I COULD HAVE LOST MY MOTHER or OH GOD MY MOTHER COULD BE IN THE HOSPITAL WITH SEVERE INJURIES RIGHT NOW. Nope, the wrong tea.

I'll take the wrong tea if it means I get to keep my mother. I can live without tea. If you said "you can keep your mama, but you'll never have tea again" I'd take my mother. I'd take my mother in exchange for everyone in the world's tea, because that is my MOTHER and I love her and cannot live without her. Cannot. Ever.

I drank some and it tastes pretty good. It'll probably always be car-crash tea to me now though.

She did find a pair of sneakers she likes which is big, big news because my mother's feet are so picky it's nearly impossible to find shoes for her. So the day isn't a complete loss. Oh, and Adam Lambert at the AMAs, how awesome was that? My mother was underwhelmed, but she's underwhelmed about almost everything ever (she's a lot less shaken up than I would be, although she's definitely more shaken than usual) but dude's face in his crotch and grabbing vaginas and making out with the male keyboardist. There's no point to that sentence besides HOSHIT ADAM.

I missed Kris's presenting because we were next door gathering sweaters for the homeless and then had to find the tripped circuit breaker but the thingie wouldn't open. Today was really weird, you guys.

Oh and an unreleased acoustic version of one of my favorite Kylie songs EVER, Paper Dolls, leaked. It's not very different though.
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Nov. 17th, 2009 06:26 am
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Wow, Adam Lambert's new album is much more amazing than I had been anticipating. OMG. I love it.

-6:25 AM (I stayed up to hear the stream on facebook. don't judge)

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