Jul. 3rd, 2013 02:22 am
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so apparently my mother tried to use the microwave timer but instead she just turned it on and it like... overheated and turned itself off and the time wasn't showing anymore and now we're scared and we're just going to return it (there's a special warranty!)

the other day I tried to make microwave s'mores but I put it in for too long (idk why I thought 20 seconds was okay!) and burned the marshmallow and the microwave smelled like smoke and omg none of us can be trusted

none of us

can be trusted

(ps the burned marshmallow tasted pretty good after it cooled off enough to eat)


Jun. 14th, 2013 12:47 pm
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so long story short I set my microwave on fire last night and now the whole house stinks like burned electrical plastic

no one is hurt, not even the bird, because my one and only thought was RESCUE BIRD!111 I carried his cage into my room like immediately and then fell over in a puddle of useless.

My thought process was basically
1. realize there is problem
3. !!!
4. ???
5. !?!?!?
6. Wake up mother
7. cry
8. cry more
9. apologize
10. cry

then I laid down all my towels and tried to sleep in my bathroom, since my bedroom is relatively unsmoke-y and was where I'd stashed my bird, and I didn't want to go in there and stink up my mattress. I slept for maybe about 10 minutes.

So, now we have to figure out how to clean the house and we have to buy a new microwave. I've been feeling really useless and stupid lately, and now I feel 1000000% worse. I just made more expenses and work for everyone and almost killed my bird :(

I'm gonna try to nap on the couch and then see how I can help de-stink the house when my mother gets back from buying a microwave. Hopefully when we change the air filters everything will smell a lot better, since sticking my nose directly on the couch cushions and stuff seems to reveal that they don't really smell, but the air does. Seems like baking soda and white vinegar are the internet's main suggestions, so at least that's cheap enough. SIGH. The air conditioning is on and doing its job, as well as all the ceiling fans.

why am I so dangerously useless :(


May. 19th, 2013 02:57 am
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hey guys

I have had A WEEK.

remind me to tell you when my computer comes home.
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I saw the free clinic doctor today. I have to take Lamictal. I'm way too tired to explain why or what it is but I'm excited to start it. (I've been up since 5:30 this morning... couldn't sleep.)

I also went to Toys R Us afterwards with Boyfriend, and they had both Operetta AND the Skull Shores black and white Frankie (I had a coupon, even)! I haven't been updating with my new dolls because that makes for boring posts, so here's the current list: cut! )

So, if you're keeping track at home, that's 17, including Bee and her little styrofoam body. All I'm missing is an Abbey, a Cleo, and Rochelle Goyle! And Venus and Robecca when they come out, I suppose. But that's it for the rest of the year! Nice.

the end.

-4:24 AM
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Mar. 16th, 2012 07:27 am
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I just really love [livejournal.com profile] left_to_love okay

even when she does terrible things. Like. I don't even care. I think we're so similar even in ways I never confess to her because I want people to think of me as a kindly sparkling fairy princess that I couldn't help but love her because she's basically me. Like I just want her to move here and we'll bake cookies and share my mother and shoes and nail polish and that's what I want. No matter what.

I'm making a PUBLIC LOVE DECLARATION. I would make it more serious but it's late and I'm loopy but I just wanted to publicly state that she is awesome even if she believes she isn't and I understand completely everything terrible and selfish she does. All of these things. I understand and I don't judge. I see my own terrible selfish brain reflected in hers. YOU ARE MY LOVE THE END. oh and Boyfriend says hi.

-7:25 AM


Feb. 26th, 2012 05:43 am
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it's been so loooong livejournal I am sorry. I've got Cupid, so my life is pretty complete.

The list of dolls I need is now:

An Abbey (don't care which)
A Cleo (I'll take a cheap Cleo but I'd like the newer one coming out later this year with the over the top gown)
The Howleen/Clawdeen 2pack because HOWLEEN
Operetta (there will be more Operettas coming out but idk I think I want the first one)
Venus McFlytrap
Rochelle Goyle
Robecca Steam
Dead Tired Draculaura (should be soon!)

I think that's it. I own 11 now (10.5 if we count Bee as half a doll): Bee, Draculaura, Killer Style Draculaura, Frankie, Dawn of the Dance Frankie, Killer Style Frankie, Cupid, Gloom Beach Clawdeen, Skull Shores Lagoona, Ghoulia, and Spectra. (Molly gave me Cupid and KS Frankie and Draculaura EVERYONE TELL HER HOW GREAT SHE IS BECAUSE SHE'S GREAT).

Also they make Lalaloopsies EVEN SMALLER now and sell them in ~mystery~ blind bags (they're called Micro Lalaloopsy)


it's just a doll shaped lump of peach

I thought this was a mistake, but nope. Right on the bag they advertise instead of an adorable character you could just get a naked, faceless lump of peach.

Boyfriend said he'll paint her so I asked him to paint her into a Draculaura. I'll post a picture (probably on tumblr) when it's done.

Also I have a great relationship guyssssssss I never talk about it but IT'S PRETTY GREAT.

oh yeah we baked cookies they were pretty good too. AND WE MADE A PILLOW FORT IT WAS THE BEST THING.
-5:42 AM


Feb. 17th, 2012 09:41 am
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I'm about 3 pounds heavier than my "if you go over this, throw yourself off the roof" weight.

Honestly, I'm usually not super fussy about my weight. I'm a fatty. I know. I don't care. But it's getting ridiculous.

Fortunately I'm pretty sure it's water weight... but if it is, it's been clinging for awhile. My favorite ring no longer fits on its usual finger which is why I think it's water and not actual fat. I need to believe this or I'll have to flush myself down the toilet because FFFFFFFFF. Slurping down tea with lemon and will force myself to drink some cranberry juice when I'm done, and we'll see what happens. I also ate some candied ginger. Of course I keep seeing people saying green tea is better than black tea, but I'm drinking Earl Grey rn. Perhaps some green tea this evening. Oh, and eating a carrot. (I know I won't dehydrate myself because I drink a lot of water, a habit I picked up from my family.)

holy shit you guys cranberry juice is DISGUSTING. I've added a little sugar and a LOT of lemon-lime seltzer so it's not so bad, but it still hits the back of my throat like poison, for some reason. I mean, I already knew it was nasty, I just wasn't prepared, somehow.


-9:40 AM


Feb. 7th, 2012 07:26 am
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My glasses just broke. The left arm's been holding on by a thread, and now it's popped clean off. By "popped" I mean somehow a hinge broke in some weird way that doesn't even seem possible because the other arm doesn't even have a hinge or a joint there, so... what? I've managed to stick it back on with some scotch tape, and now I look ridiculous.

I mean, I know I should be grateful that I even have corrective eyewear and people around the world have no eye glasses and blah blah, but. My glasses are already old and scratched and that kind of dirty you can't really clean and they're crooked and some of the paint is chipped off, and now they're held together with tape.

And I have no health insurance and the money in my checking account is dwindling and I have no job and no qualifications for one and my mother has no job and my father's money is stretched thinner than it used to be and anyway he shouldn't have to pay for his 24-year-old daughter's eyeglasses.

I probably need another eye exam since it's been about 2 years and that's not cheap and I have the kind of face that looks like shit pretty much always and especially when I wear glasses so I can't even buy the cheaper frames. In order not to be so hideously ugly I'm hauled away by the police for disturbing the peace I have to wear specific kinds of glasses which are impossible to find because everyone wants ironic hipster ~nerd~ glasses and I hate all of them.

There was a show on Fox (since cancelled because it was shit, and sexist) where a female character spends money stupidly with the idea that ~everything happens if you wish hard enough~ and her boyfriend has terrible nerd glasses. And at the end of the episode she says she loves him because he loves her in spite of her stupidity, and he says he loves her because she loves him in spite of his dorky glasses. Uh, what? Dude, you have a choice. Even if you need special kinds of glasses, they come in attractive shapes that aren't dorky and hipster-shit. I know from experience here, okay? They can make special glasses not look really stupid. If they meant she loves him in spite of his dorkiness in general, well, sure, I guess, except he's still just a nerd and she's a complete idiot who expects money to fall from the sky. (See what I mean about that show being sexist?)

anyway glasses are important and shitty ones ruin lives and I am poor and also stupid. If I'd made different choices at the age of 14 ten years later I would not be here whining about this. bleh. (look what a mess this entry is, remember when I was a writer? whatever happened to that? Now I hate myself for my terrible writing and for my ugly face and its stupid glasses. I don't think I can even wear contacts because of the prism/depth perception thing and my sensitive eyes and wow, I really hate myself today.)

-7:25 AM


Jan. 26th, 2012 11:13 pm
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source: http://zombiemiko.tumblr.com/post/16536945766/monster-high-cupid





they had her for site-to-store pickup and she will be mine on Saturday

Saturday guys


thank you so much to everyone who's been on the lookout. I love you all. <3
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my foot went numb but is somehow still itchy? AND IT CAN'T FEEL ITSELF BEING SCRATCHED. I'm in a horror film.

-7:29 PM
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So far this offseason my team has chosen not to re-sign one of the best and nicest players (Johnny Damon), and also THE best first baseman (Casey Kotchman).

instead they have signed:

-A rapist
-A violent dude
-A birther, who is also racist (he throws banana chips at his Dominican teammates to remind them not to act "savage")

I am not pleased. Hopefully the racist starts trouble with the violent dude and they end up beating each other out of a job, and then the rapist catches on fire.

Had yet another blue sim baby. It's a different shade of blue this time. I need to check the way I have these skins geneticized because white sims should not be popping out blue babies at this frequency. Actually one of them had a different color baby, but the skintone was so unflattering (it was a yellowish cream and made her features look flat and bizarre) that I changed it.


-7:58 AM


Dec. 27th, 2011 11:17 pm
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I seem to have fallen into a needy, clingy, chatty phase.

As far as physical objects go, I would like to have:

-A pink Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Someday.
-Monster High dolls, in order of most wanted: Cupid (well, duh), Skull Shores Lagoona (and no other), Operetta (when she's available), Skull Shores Frankie, if she really truly does exist, because she's black and white like the SDCC exclusive one I've lusted after, a Cleo, it doesn't matter which, I just want her for completion's sake but it's so hard to find one with well-painted eyes. Plus I love the Cleo/Ghoulia friendship and I want them to be together. And Cleo will add another doll-of-color which I feel I need because Clawdeen is like the only non-white doll I own, Barbies included, and that's just wrong.

I also really, really want a Create-a-Monster set. I forget if I've mentioned, but Boyfriend promised to make me a torso for the set of limbs/head that doesn't have one. Plus I'll have to buy her a wig, but Liv wigs are expensive and really not worth it. So maybe I'll tie a ribbon around her head and make her a badass bald chick.

But Cupid's been released, guys! Cupid! In Walmart! And she is way, way prettier than she was in the prototype picture. She's so much sweeter!

also I need moar sims.

this has been a greedy, selfish post.

-11:16 PM
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Happy livejournal anniversary, self! It's been eight whole years since we started this thing.

Thanks, everyone, for coming along with me for the ride. I love you all. Here's to another 8 years. <3

-1:04 AM


Dec. 11th, 2011 12:05 am
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so I wanted to write a big entry about how PEOPLE GIVE ME STUFF



but it just seems so materialistic but

you all know that if you buy me shit


especially if it is the greatest most thoughtful things because that gives me the gift of knowing you pay attention to me

and that is really the best gift of all. except for the Hello Kitty makeup. I didn't cry right away but I definitely did later on in the evening. I just thought about it and then sat there and cried for a little bit.

I also bought myself a Target exclusive Christmas mini Lalaloopsy named Holly Sleighbells, and then in Walmart I found SPECTRA. Guys. Spectra is a Monster High doll who is SO RARE. She tends to be scalped at unfair, unreasonably high prices, and is often impossible to find in stores without calling the store first and stalking them when they get their shipments in BUT SHE WAS THERE and now I own her. With my own money, even! I already made her a little friendship bracelet like the other 4. I also made a bracelet for the mini Lalaloopsy which, I will be honest, was not easy.

Then Molly's sending me dolls and Em is sending me Sims and guys. guys


this has been a post.

-11:54 PM


Dec. 10th, 2011 06:17 am
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I am so spoiled.

I will talk more about this tomorrow, when I have time.

-6:17 AM


Dec. 8th, 2011 05:36 am
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so like do you guys ever have two people whose faces you just cannot separate in your mind?

because like I know Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera are two different people, and I think the former is preferable to the latter, maybe, but for the life of me I cannot picture them with different faces. In my head they have the same face. Like I'll look at pictures, right? And I'll be like "oh yeah, they are totally different looking! what is my problem!" because they really are different people who look different from each other.

and ten seconds later they've morphed into the same person again. The face I picture is like some sort of conglomeration, a Ceraberg, perhaps.

Sometimes Andy Samberg gets mixed in but then I'm like "no Andy Samberg you don't belong here" and I remember his face looks different.

Like I just googled them and they look completely different! They don't have the same features at all! But I can literally feel the differences slipping away from me AS I TYPE THIS. See? I already can't remember what they are or which one is which.

I know I'm like way late to the party here but last week I had to go sit in someone's house I don't know because it was Boyfriend's friend's birthday and Zombieland was on tv and I have no idea which one of them is in it and now the Ceraberg face is HAUNTING ME like "OMG YOU BITCH"

I don't have this problem with Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley.

wait no according to google their smooshname is actually "Eisencera". ok.

I know this has happened to me with other people but I can't remember who.

this has been a post.

-5:32 AM

oh wait I almost forgot RIP JOHN LENNON <3


Oct. 29th, 2011 05:07 pm
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Here you are, if you wanna see my new bangs:

My hair's still wet and bumping in the back for no good reason, but there you are.

I'm still probably going to pin them back/use a headband constantly. I'd really rather pretend this horrible thing never happened :x


Oct. 4th, 2011 05:24 pm
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re: baseball
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Sep. 18th, 2011 12:27 am
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Draculaura and I are getting on quite well. I've already torn apart my room looking for accessories for her. All I've found that doesn't look stupid are those little rings you put on electric toothbrush heads so people know whose is whose, which work fabulously as bangles.

Barbie clothes don't fit Monster High dolls, because MH dolls have TINY bodies. They have practically no boobs, which I guess is good for little girls to see some attractive women don't have to have giant boobs. I thought Sailor Moon's clothes might fit, but I'm not even going to bother because up close Sailor Moon's waist is too big. Her shoes do fit, though, which will be cool if I ever get any other outfits, since my other SM dolls have their shoes besides Sailor Mars, for some reason. srsly where did her shoes go.

Sailor Mars is missing her shoes and one of her gloves and her necklace ribbon broke (I can fix that though.) Sailor Venus' hair is a mess. One of Sailor Moon's pigtail holders broke :( Sailor Jupiter is fine, and Sailor Mercury's hair looks stupid, I guess because short hair on dolls is hard. I'm gonna try heat styling their hair into looking decent again since I've had practice with plastic wigs.

And I'm going to try turning the fabric scraps I have lying around into doll clothes. I mean, Draculaura has ONE OUTFIT. I've found a few hair accessories that make cute skirts, but nothing that could work as a top. And the doll line doesn't really sell a lot of clothes. When they make new outfits, they make all new dolls for them. Which is cool for collectors since each doll gets new makeup and hairstyles, but not so cool for poor people who just want to mix and match once in awhile.

in any case I've heard other dolls' clothes sort of fit, so maybe I'll buy a few Bratz outfits and do some nips and tucks with my trusty needle and thread. (I tried to make her a tube top out of stretchy fabric, but it doesn't stretch enough so now she just has a single badly sewn leg warmer. lol fail.)

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