Jul. 3rd, 2013 02:22 am
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so apparently my mother tried to use the microwave timer but instead she just turned it on and it like... overheated and turned itself off and the time wasn't showing anymore and now we're scared and we're just going to return it (there's a special warranty!)

the other day I tried to make microwave s'mores but I put it in for too long (idk why I thought 20 seconds was okay!) and burned the marshmallow and the microwave smelled like smoke and omg none of us can be trusted

none of us

can be trusted

(ps the burned marshmallow tasted pretty good after it cooled off enough to eat)


Jul. 23rd, 2012 01:12 pm
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life improves when Claire's has a 10 for 10 sale.


Jun. 11th, 2012 06:03 am
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guess who has been dying to catch something on television for literal months

it airs all the time, but she has never seen it yet

this time she decided she'd make the website showing the next airing HER HOMEPAGE

you know, in an effort to thwart the fact that she KEEPS MISSING IT EVERY SINGLE TIME

guess who knew it was coming on on Monday at 3 AM and has been checking the website every day for over a week

guess who just missed the latest airing of this television program






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I saw the free clinic doctor today. I have to take Lamictal. I'm way too tired to explain why or what it is but I'm excited to start it. (I've been up since 5:30 this morning... couldn't sleep.)

I also went to Toys R Us afterwards with Boyfriend, and they had both Operetta AND the Skull Shores black and white Frankie (I had a coupon, even)! I haven't been updating with my new dolls because that makes for boring posts, so here's the current list: cut! )

So, if you're keeping track at home, that's 17, including Bee and her little styrofoam body. All I'm missing is an Abbey, a Cleo, and Rochelle Goyle! And Venus and Robecca when they come out, I suppose. But that's it for the rest of the year! Nice.

the end.

-4:24 AM


Mar. 22nd, 2012 03:06 am
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Monster High + Lalaloopsy under the cut. Dollies )

-3:06 AM


Feb. 26th, 2012 05:43 am
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it's been so loooong livejournal I am sorry. I've got Cupid, so my life is pretty complete.

The list of dolls I need is now:

An Abbey (don't care which)
A Cleo (I'll take a cheap Cleo but I'd like the newer one coming out later this year with the over the top gown)
The Howleen/Clawdeen 2pack because HOWLEEN
Operetta (there will be more Operettas coming out but idk I think I want the first one)
Venus McFlytrap
Rochelle Goyle
Robecca Steam
Dead Tired Draculaura (should be soon!)

I think that's it. I own 11 now (10.5 if we count Bee as half a doll): Bee, Draculaura, Killer Style Draculaura, Frankie, Dawn of the Dance Frankie, Killer Style Frankie, Cupid, Gloom Beach Clawdeen, Skull Shores Lagoona, Ghoulia, and Spectra. (Molly gave me Cupid and KS Frankie and Draculaura EVERYONE TELL HER HOW GREAT SHE IS BECAUSE SHE'S GREAT).

Also they make Lalaloopsies EVEN SMALLER now and sell them in ~mystery~ blind bags (they're called Micro Lalaloopsy)


it's just a doll shaped lump of peach

I thought this was a mistake, but nope. Right on the bag they advertise instead of an adorable character you could just get a naked, faceless lump of peach.

Boyfriend said he'll paint her so I asked him to paint her into a Draculaura. I'll post a picture (probably on tumblr) when it's done.

Also I have a great relationship guyssssssss I never talk about it but IT'S PRETTY GREAT.

oh yeah we baked cookies they were pretty good too. AND WE MADE A PILLOW FORT IT WAS THE BEST THING.
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Feb. 17th, 2012 09:41 am
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I'm about 3 pounds heavier than my "if you go over this, throw yourself off the roof" weight.

Honestly, I'm usually not super fussy about my weight. I'm a fatty. I know. I don't care. But it's getting ridiculous.

Fortunately I'm pretty sure it's water weight... but if it is, it's been clinging for awhile. My favorite ring no longer fits on its usual finger which is why I think it's water and not actual fat. I need to believe this or I'll have to flush myself down the toilet because FFFFFFFFF. Slurping down tea with lemon and will force myself to drink some cranberry juice when I'm done, and we'll see what happens. I also ate some candied ginger. Of course I keep seeing people saying green tea is better than black tea, but I'm drinking Earl Grey rn. Perhaps some green tea this evening. Oh, and eating a carrot. (I know I won't dehydrate myself because I drink a lot of water, a habit I picked up from my family.)

holy shit you guys cranberry juice is DISGUSTING. I've added a little sugar and a LOT of lemon-lime seltzer so it's not so bad, but it still hits the back of my throat like poison, for some reason. I mean, I already knew it was nasty, I just wasn't prepared, somehow.


-9:40 AM


Feb. 8th, 2012 06:14 am
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I fixed a glitch I've had for months in my game where children and teens would make errors every time they tried to come downstairs using my favorite stairs (and also the square version). I've had to build houses based around keeping kids and teens downstairs at all times because if they wandered up, when they tried to come back down, bam, error. If they wanted to finish painting something, error. The only time there were no errors was when I just told them "go here" but even that sometimes didn't work. So many times they'd go upstairs to do some stupid thing like make their parents' bed and then OOPS ERROR and the school bus disappears. But I played a tester hood and my megahood and no teens or children have had any errors, no disappearing buses or carpools.

All I did was redownload some hacks and I removed two I decided weren't important. I guess before I had old versions? But for now it seems to have worked. I've gotten so used to desperately trying to get kids downstairs before the bus comes that now I forgot how to play without doing that. I can't even imagine what hacks could have been clashing/interfering as I have no stair-related hacks or teen/child-related hacks. I also have no idea why it only happened to those stairs and not regular stairs. Mysteries of sim life, I guess.

Since I've been playing the megahood as a personal challenge to get all sims with the "have 10 children" want fulfilled I've had boatloads of children everywhere. I want all the Maxis sims to have children in addition to the premade children (so the Pleasants have had more than just Lilith and Angela... in fact Daniel wanted 10, and Kaylynn supplied some- she lives in a little cottage I built next to the house so I could play her without having to load another lot and Mary Sue flirts with her all the time as well, and now Kaylynn wants 10...) All these sims want children because I've switched most romance sims to family sims, since I hate playing romance sims in relationships and they annoy me in general.

Anyway I'm sure you're all already aware but PMBD and MATY desperately need money to keep their servers online so if you can donate, I hope you do.


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la la la

Jan. 21st, 2012 02:09 am
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Boyfriend and I did Adult Things yesterday, which is more proof that adulthood is full of a lot of boring stuff. It was fun though because we have fun together, which I suppose is why you should get married. You marry people it's fun to sit in the credit union place with. I got a calendar from them even though I'm not putting my money in one right now (one bank account is enough for me).

man I had like 12 things to say and now I have forgotten all of them.

I baked a chocolate cake.

the end.
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my foot went numb but is somehow still itchy? AND IT CAN'T FEEL ITSELF BEING SCRATCHED. I'm in a horror film.

-7:29 PM


Jan. 11th, 2012 09:52 am
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I couldn't sleep so instead I sat and tried to fiddle with Bee some more. Moar toothpicks was, indeed, the answer. I stuck two more in her neck, then one in each styrofoam thigh so I could stick it to her styrofoam torso and her legs wouldn't keep flopping off. (Her arms don't seem to need any extra help staying in her dress). I took Original Recipe Frankie's stand (Frankie is currently posed sitting so she doesn't need it) and stuck her on it. After a lot of careful fiddling, she's standing! I also colored the styrofoam bits that show with a yellow bic marker and she looks tons better. Her head still lolls backwards so she looks like she's looking up all the time. It's cute if you're looking down on her, but up high on my dresser she looks kind of silly (I've squashed it down as much as possible so she doesn't look quite so weird). Still cute though. She shall be the Luna Lovegood of my dolls, since she looks so dreamy and has gigantic bee eyes. I think now that she has a body (sort of) and is standing and has an official My Monster High Dolls Friendship Bracelet I can officially count her as my 7th doll. I'll take a picture sometime, maybe after I fix her up some more.

I wish I could sleep. I shall try now.

-9:49 AM
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so I went to Walmart to try to find Cupid.

no Cupid. I checked the website and one of the few places allegedly stocking them was another nearby Walmart!

so we went.

there was nothing. There was an unhelpful girl and a helpful one. I appreciate both of them trying, don't get me wrong. But Second Girl said "...sometimes the website lies." I could tell she felt bad.

At that Walmart I did get a Liv doll powder blue trench coat that comes with pink and white striped arm warmers that I have been wanting for SO LONG (I didn't even realize it came with the arm warmers). It was on sale for 3 bucks! So there's something. At the first Walmart I got a bee girl create-a-monster add-on pack. As we've discussed these dolls have no torsos or upper legs or upper arms, so we have to find a way to make a body for it out of modelling clay or something. Her face is so, so cute, it's way different from the other face molds and I'm happy I got her, because I really wanted her, but. She's not a whole doll, and she isn't my Cupid. As we drove home from the second Walmart we passed a third and were going to check, but somehow all the power was out from second Walmart up the road for MILES. We'd also wanted to get some IHOP but somehow the power was out everydamnwhere. I guess the whole town went black in sadness for me.

I had a really, really lovely night besides, though. I was just in such a happy mood. We get to see each other tomorrow again too for New Year's! :D

in conclusion, Cupid.

-6:21 AM


Dec. 27th, 2011 11:17 pm
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I seem to have fallen into a needy, clingy, chatty phase.

As far as physical objects go, I would like to have:

-A pink Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Someday.
-Monster High dolls, in order of most wanted: Cupid (well, duh), Skull Shores Lagoona (and no other), Operetta (when she's available), Skull Shores Frankie, if she really truly does exist, because she's black and white like the SDCC exclusive one I've lusted after, a Cleo, it doesn't matter which, I just want her for completion's sake but it's so hard to find one with well-painted eyes. Plus I love the Cleo/Ghoulia friendship and I want them to be together. And Cleo will add another doll-of-color which I feel I need because Clawdeen is like the only non-white doll I own, Barbies included, and that's just wrong.

I also really, really want a Create-a-Monster set. I forget if I've mentioned, but Boyfriend promised to make me a torso for the set of limbs/head that doesn't have one. Plus I'll have to buy her a wig, but Liv wigs are expensive and really not worth it. So maybe I'll tie a ribbon around her head and make her a badass bald chick.

But Cupid's been released, guys! Cupid! In Walmart! And she is way, way prettier than she was in the prototype picture. She's so much sweeter!

also I need moar sims.

this has been a greedy, selfish post.

-11:16 PM


Dec. 11th, 2011 12:05 am
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so I wanted to write a big entry about how PEOPLE GIVE ME STUFF



but it just seems so materialistic but

you all know that if you buy me shit


especially if it is the greatest most thoughtful things because that gives me the gift of knowing you pay attention to me

and that is really the best gift of all. except for the Hello Kitty makeup. I didn't cry right away but I definitely did later on in the evening. I just thought about it and then sat there and cried for a little bit.

I also bought myself a Target exclusive Christmas mini Lalaloopsy named Holly Sleighbells, and then in Walmart I found SPECTRA. Guys. Spectra is a Monster High doll who is SO RARE. She tends to be scalped at unfair, unreasonably high prices, and is often impossible to find in stores without calling the store first and stalking them when they get their shipments in BUT SHE WAS THERE and now I own her. With my own money, even! I already made her a little friendship bracelet like the other 4. I also made a bracelet for the mini Lalaloopsy which, I will be honest, was not easy.

Then Molly's sending me dolls and Em is sending me Sims and guys. guys


this has been a post.

-11:54 PM
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So, yesterday was my birthday. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, as drama-free as possible.

My birthday was pretty good, as birthdays go, but in the middle of the day Boyfriend and I popped back to my house to pick up something my mother forgot and then we got stuck here because his truck broke. We went into the house, came back out, and it was all "lol no." It didn't even turn over. It just didn't start at all. My father came and tried to use his jumper cables but nope. Didn't help. So we had to wait for Boyfriend's family to take their sweet-ass time to get around to coming up here to see what they could do (like... what? what do they expect to accomplish in my front yard?) and it took forever for me to get back to my grandma's and by then everyone had already eaten :( There was plenty of food, but I didn't eat as much as I had been planning to. Oh well.

I got good presents though (I'll take pictures later) and we had a little midnight Black Friday adventure. Boyfriend and I stood on line for Old Navy and he bought a bunch of things, including some jeans and a scarf for me. I even got a coupon because it was my birthday, but it was only a dollar :( Old Navy sucks at sales and coupons and stuff. My parents went with us which was funny. We avoided Target and Walmart because of the GIGANTIC UNREAL LINES. The entire town was at Target, you guys. But after we did Old Navy and then Walmart, we swung back around to Target, which had cleared up by 3:30 and so I got a few Hello Kitty trinkets from the dollar section.

We were supposed to go out today, Boyfriend and I, for my birthday, but the truck is still broke, so. No birthday shopping and eating and other... activities for me :( I has a sad. We'll set a makeup date, though, I'm sure. <3

But I had a nice day, and I spent it with the people who matter, so. I'm not complaining at all. I got what I wanted except my sims EP which will be late. I think everyone who knows me knows what to get for me, so I never get anything I don't want. I love to be surprised and everyone always seems to know how to do it. :D

the end. <3

-11:51 PM

WAIT EDIT EDIT I FORGOT TO SAY: thank you everyone for indulging me. It can't be easy to put up with someone so stupidly obsessed with her birthday, but you've all gone out of your way to make me feel all special and warm inside, and I really appreciate it. I love you so much. <3


Nov. 12th, 2011 06:40 am
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Tonight Boyfriend said going shopping on Black Friday might be fun and said we could do it.

Without my asking first. I said I hadn't been to the mall in awhile (different mall from the one I posted about recently... or talked about on twitter? whatev) and he was like "we can go on Black Friday! That would be exciting."

guys when people ask why we're getting married I might have to just tell them this is the reason.

-6:39 AM


Oct. 4th, 2011 03:20 am
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So we're on day whatever of #IvyIllness2011. Since my last post I got WAY WORSE and then better. Worse because my nose went insane and my coughing got so bad I nearly threw up (but I didn't, because I don't do that). I decided against going to the doctor and instead requested Mucinex DM, aka my personal miracle drug, which so far has worked amazingly. I still feel stuffy, but I don't have the runny nose or urge to cough, so: victory.

My mother bought me Kleenex Cool Touch tissues, which have aloe and mineral oil and all kinds of shit in them and actually tell you to keep them below 75 degrees. MY TISSUES HAVE A TEMPERATURE PREFERENCE. They are fabulous and my horribly red under-nose area is already starting to look better.

I almost feel human again! I wrote a little bit (gasp) and I even cut out a skirt out of real non-felt fabric for Frankie. I'm not sure if I'm going to bother hemming it even if I did draw a seam allowance (omg look at me almost knowing what I'm talking about, I am ~hot stuff~). I'm dreading putting on the snaps but let's hope it works! Then all I have to do is find a top since Frankie comes with a dress and I can't just stick a clashing skirt on underneath it. It has a paisley pattern and is burgundy with some blue in it- my mother bought it to make a cushion for an old chair out of, which she's already done.

The conversation (a week or so back) went something like this:
Me: " ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING WITH THIS" indicating small patch of light blue fabric in a drawer
My Mother: "No. You should put this in there, too." hands me red paisley whatever fabric
My Mother: "Yes."
Me: "OKAY THANK YOU" scurries away, hunched over and looking shifty, carrying an armful of fabric scraps
My Mother: doesn't ask questions because she doesn't give a shit

The small font and lack of punctuation is to indicate my extreme shiftiness during all of this. My mother doesn't know I have new dolls or that I'm making clothes for them, and she hasn't asked what I've been doing with the sewing kit. She doesn't really care. It's not that my mother is uninterested in my life, it's just that she usually assumes that if I have something to tell her, I will.

But I think it's also that she doesn't find the small doings of my life that interesting. I live kind of like a house pet, in that I scurry around doing things and no one pays attention. I wander from room to room eating or internetting or sewing up doll skirts by myself, which is basically the way I've always lived since I'm an only child, and my mother's just not going to feign curiosity in whatever squirrelesque thing I'm doing today. My father hasn't asked either but he's usually a bit clueless. And anyway I can't tell if my mother would offer me tips or be annoyed that I'm 23 and jobless and playing with dolls.

Probably both, actually.

In more adult interests my baseball team needs to stop losing rtfn plz and ty.
Also it's getting cooler outside and suddenly my room is cold and I have an extra blanket and I DON'T WANT THIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS.
-3:16 AM
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So, today I got Frankie. She and Draculaura are sitting on a little doll-sized pillow next to me.
idk why, but these dolls are so amazing to me. The fact that something this stylized is doing well and is supported by Mattel? So fabulous. And each one has her own face sculpt! Frankie's face is much more angular and long than Draculaura's round face and smaller chin. Target's had a sale for a little while, so I ran in and snapped her up (with Boyfriend's money, of course). I had wanted the Dawn of the Dance Frankie, but they didn't have her, which made my decision easier because I was torn between Original Frankie and Dance Frankie. Decision made for me! Done.

I almost spent my own money later in Wal*Mart on a Bratz dress, but it was strapless, nearly 5 dollars, and not worth it, especially since the size might be off. Hopefully I can get over to a dollar store of some sort and buy some cheap knockoff Barbie clothes and then bring out my trusty sewing kit and try to alter them to fit. We shall see!

I mended a Barbie skirt that, while big, fits their hips if I don't mind a gap in the back. It had a lot of stray threads and the velcro was coming off. Then I went cross-eyed and made a teeny weeny beaded bracelet for Draculaura. Now that Frankie is here, I'll make one for her too. She already has a bracelet on one arm! So perfect.

Anyway, all my sims have graduated from college! So you'll get a giant college spam soon. I haven't given up on sims updates! They've just been really boring and not worth posting. I moved them into new houses, and tried something new with some of the couples and I'm really excited about it.

In real life news I've actually started to prepare a resume and I am not happy about it. Also, I hate fall. Go away fall. Bring back my summer :(

-5:17 AM


Sep. 24th, 2011 10:00 am
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-Realized favorite jeans no longer fit properly when I sit, felt uselessly fat
-did 70 sit-ups, realized that won't help, may have cried a little
-began writing angsty fanfiction
-felt silly.

that was my morning.

now I will attempt sleep.

-9:59 AM


Sep. 18th, 2011 12:27 am
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Draculaura and I are getting on quite well. I've already torn apart my room looking for accessories for her. All I've found that doesn't look stupid are those little rings you put on electric toothbrush heads so people know whose is whose, which work fabulously as bangles.

Barbie clothes don't fit Monster High dolls, because MH dolls have TINY bodies. They have practically no boobs, which I guess is good for little girls to see some attractive women don't have to have giant boobs. I thought Sailor Moon's clothes might fit, but I'm not even going to bother because up close Sailor Moon's waist is too big. Her shoes do fit, though, which will be cool if I ever get any other outfits, since my other SM dolls have their shoes besides Sailor Mars, for some reason. srsly where did her shoes go.

Sailor Mars is missing her shoes and one of her gloves and her necklace ribbon broke (I can fix that though.) Sailor Venus' hair is a mess. One of Sailor Moon's pigtail holders broke :( Sailor Jupiter is fine, and Sailor Mercury's hair looks stupid, I guess because short hair on dolls is hard. I'm gonna try heat styling their hair into looking decent again since I've had practice with plastic wigs.

And I'm going to try turning the fabric scraps I have lying around into doll clothes. I mean, Draculaura has ONE OUTFIT. I've found a few hair accessories that make cute skirts, but nothing that could work as a top. And the doll line doesn't really sell a lot of clothes. When they make new outfits, they make all new dolls for them. Which is cool for collectors since each doll gets new makeup and hairstyles, but not so cool for poor people who just want to mix and match once in awhile.

in any case I've heard other dolls' clothes sort of fit, so maybe I'll buy a few Bratz outfits and do some nips and tucks with my trusty needle and thread. (I tried to make her a tube top out of stretchy fabric, but it doesn't stretch enough so now she just has a single badly sewn leg warmer. lol fail.)

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