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Birthdate:Nov 24
Location:United States of America
Website:Right Here, Folks
Hi. I'm Ivy. My favorite color is pink. I like the Beatles, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Harry Potter, Monster High (dolls and webisodes), Ever After High (mostly just the media), Britney Spears, Girls Aloud, Hello Kitty, Betty White, cartoons, cute stuff, princesses, American Idol, the Tampa Bay Rays, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, and idk loads of other stuff. Oh yes, and sims.

I have a boyfriend (6-8-04) :D (As of 11-24-12, I have a fiance!!!)

Yep, I'm a moderator of ontd_ai. If you have a question or a concern or a suggestion or a bribe or something similar, please direct it here so all the mods can see it. Otherwise I can't help you.

I do like adverbs.

Feel free to add me here for updates of my sims caps/story/thing, or at my Dreamwidth for sims custom content downloads.
Also feel free to delete at will. No hard feelings. If I add you, it's so I can keep track of your posts/downloads/etc. If you want me to de-friend you, I will, no questions asked. PLEASE don't feel obligated to friend back! I won't ever pester you to add me and will not feel slighted if you don't. Promise.


---long form biography written 6-18-11, because I am bored---
-I live at the point of what could be a Bermuda Triangle with the other 2 points consisting of where Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter live, and where my favorite baseball team plays. If you draw a straight line from Cinderella Castle to Tropicana Field and then draw two lines diagonally so that they meet near the west coast of Florida (as triangles do), the point will be about where I live. I live in a citytown with a pleasant name populated mostly by old people from northern states. I am neither southern nor a cracker (the name affectionately/unaffectionately given to native Floridians) despite being born here. The fact that I made up this convoluted metaphor instead of just saying where I live proves that I really, really love to share but hate giving up my privacy. And also tells you pretty much all you need to know about me.

-I'm a 3rd/4th generation Italian American. We cook excellent food.

-I bake spectacularly.

-I am useless at all other endeavors. Name it, I'm bad at it.

-I haven't seen most movies. Give me any movie title- I probably haven't seen it. (A good example would be Titanic.)

-I have writerly aspirations, but fear I'll never actually complete anything. Woe.

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a hard day's night, adam lambert, adventure time, allison iraheta, american idol, apple corp, baking, barbie dolls, baseball, beatles, because japan, betty white, birds, books, britney spears, candy, cartoon network, cartoons, cate blanchett, cherinacherine, cherries, cheryl cole, chocolate, cinderella, claire's, clay aiken, cockatiels, cookies, cooking, cupcakes, cynthia lennon, dannii minogue, deadjournal, dhani harrison, disney, disney princesses, dolls, draculaura, ed edd and eddy, elijah wood, elves, emma bunton, england, ever after high, eyeliner, fairies, fairly oddparents, fanfiction, fashion, florida, food network, framboiloulou, frankie stein, fred weasley, gay rights, george harrison, george weasley, geri halliwell, getting along, girls aloud, glitter, harry potter, hello kitty, help!, hermione granger, hippies, hobbits, hugging, italy, ivy, jane asher, japan, jewelry, john lennon, julian lennon, kimberley walsh, kish mauve, kris allen, kylie minogue, lady gaga, laughing, lemony snicket, linda mccartney, lipgloss, liv tyler, livejournal, liverpool, london, lord of the rings, make-up, marriage, maureen starkey, mel b, melanie c, memories, miranda otto, monster high, my little pony, nadine coyle, necklaces, nickelodeon, nicola roberts, november 24, olivia harrison, orlando bloom, parakeets, paul mccartney, pete best, pictures, pie, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pop music, princesses, reading, really really long hair, record albums, remus lupin, rent, ringo starr, rings, rock'n'roll, sailor moon, sanrio, sarah harding, sirius black, sleeping beauty, smiles, smiling, spelling, star trek, stuart sutcliffe, t*witches, tampa bay rays, the beatles, the hobbit, the killers, the monkees, the sims 2, the sixties, the spice girls, the travelling wilburys, tv tropes, victoria beckham, weddings, white, wings, writing, yoko ono, zapple
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